Stock Market Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence for 2023

Stock Market Forecast: I Know First is proud to present a special report that includes a one-time forecast for 2023. The special and one-time report includes interesting opportunities for 2023. The report includes our recommendations for a broad range of financial assets for a period of 12 months ahead: Recommended Stocks for the US Market; World Market Indices; ETFs; Commodities Market; Currency and Cryptocurrency Markets.

The stock market forecast is based on the most promising assets as well as the most recommended stocks identified by the algorithm for the coming year and it is recommended to hold them for the long term. The report is particularly significant in light of the unique investment opportunities that the algorithm identifies today in the background of the challenging macroeconomic environment of inflation, fluctuating interest rates, volatility in energy, cryptocurrency, and commodity prices, and the war in Ukraine. The forecast covers financial assets from different groups for 2023:

  • Recommended Stocks for the US Market
  • Recommended ETFs
  • Most Promising Sectors
  • Aggressive/Small Stocks
  • Main World Market Indices
  • Interest Rates
  • Forex Pairs
  • Recommended Commodities
  • Recommended Cryptocurrencies

Every year the research and consulting department produces a one-time annual stock market forecast in which the algorithm recommends investment avenues for the coming year. The algorithm based on artificial intelligence identifies the most promising financial assets from the investment universe for 2023. The assets were marked by the algorithm for a period of one year ahead. Each asset is accompanied by two indicators:
Signal – represents the intensity of the movement of the asset (or price deviation)
Confidence index – represents the probability of the predicted movement.
For a full explanation of the indicators:

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