Stock Forecasting Solution for Chinese Market

Stock Forecasting Solution for Chinese Market

Last week Yaron Golgher one of the founders of I Know First and Ben Rubin Head of Advisory Services at I Know First presented a stock forecasting solution to a delegation from China made up of investors from the Beijing technology development institute. The presentation was entitled ‘Investment selection using Artificial Intelligence’ and explained how the I Know First predictive algorithm utilises AI and machine learning. It described how the results are constantly improving as the algorithm learns from its successes and failures.

I Know First Present to Delegation from Beijing

This delegation where brought to Israel by Tal Brody, Goodwill Ambassador of Israel. It was made up of a cohort of different directors, investors and researchers from Nanjiing Tech University, technology companies and investment groups. They came to Israel to research and seek investment opportunities from high-tech firms. I Know First was a company of particular interest to the delegation in particular its use of Artificial Intelligence. As an increasing number of companies in China are becoming more involved with AI and the demand for AI related research increases the delegation where particular interested in the potential for research collaboration with I Know First.

The presentation was well received, and the audience was particularly interested in the different aspects the algorithm uses and the methods involved such as the adaptive modelling of markets through artificial neural networking. Ben explained how the learning and prediction cycle works to generate results and output predictions that achieve a greater degree of accuracy each time.

More pictures form the Chinese delegation can be seen below:

I Know First’s Daily Stock Market Forecasts and other services are now officially available to retail clients in Hong Kong. After a period of 8 months POC , I Know First has finally come to an agreement with a local Hong Kong partner that make I Know First’s entrance into China and Hong Kong as smooth as possible for new clients. I Know First will be the first company provide AI forecasting services for the Hong Kong Stock Market to the  retail clients from Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Read more about how I Know First uses its predictive algorithm here.