SINA Stock Prediction: 36.12% Increase Since Our Bullish Article

SINA Stock Prediction

I Know First Research recently published a bullish article on SINA Corp. on January 27th 2015. In accordance with I Know First predictions, the stock price has increased 36.12% since the publication.

SINA Stock Prediction


SINA is an online media addressed to Chinese people. The company was founded in 1999. It has 4 major business lines : Sina Weibo, Sina Mobile, Sina Online and

After the drop of the stock at the end of the year, we see that SINA stock has increased since April. In fact, in May the company reported $0.24 earnings per share (EPS) which is higher than the $0.16 EPS consensus. Also, for the first quarter, the revenue of the firm came to $208.05 million which is also greater than the consensus.

Many experts advised to “sell” the stock but in fact the algorithm has the point about the bullish evolution. SINA stock jumps when the CEO announced few days ago that he will buy $456 million of new shares. The per share purchase price of the deal will be around $41.49, which equals the average closing price of the previous month. Buying such an amount, the CEO believes that the stock is undervalued. This announcement spreads a positive signal because this means that managers are confident about the future of the company. The stock rose 23 percent to $50.51 yesterday. Stay tuned for further algorithmic news for SINA.

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