Seabridge Gold Stock – Quick Win: 41.41% Return in 14 Days (SA)

Seabridge Gold Stock

On July 27th, 2015, The I Know First algorithm gave a bullish signal of 105.50 for the ticker SA (Seabridge Gold), which had a strong predictability indicator of 0.14. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, Seabridge Gold spiked 41.41% in the following two weeks.

Seabridge Gold Stock

Seabridge Gold Inc. (SA) is a Toronto-based development-stage company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, engineering design, and permitting of gold properties located in North America. The company, whose principal projects are located in Canada, seeks to sell or partner with producers in these properties, and their reserve and resource base includes consists mainly of gold, silver, and copper.

Less than a week ago the company reported that it had successfully completed a pilot evaluation of a new process for the removal of selenium from waters from Seabridge’s wholly-owned KSM Project located in northwestern BC. In doing so, Seabridge satisfied a key condition of the BC Environmental Assessment Certificate issued on July 30, 2014 which required completion of the pilot plant test within one year of issuance of the certificate.

CEO Rudi Fronk explained the company achieved a further milestone in KSM’s ongoing transition from exploration to development by having successfully completed the pilot plant test. Following that promising news, stocks rose about 20% in those last few days.