Quick Win by the Algorithm: URI Jumps 43.57% in 3 Months

Quick Win by the Algorithm

On September 21, 2016, the I Know First algorithm had predicted a bullish forecast for United Rentals, Inc. (URI). URI had a signal of 39.93 and a predictability of 0.51. In accordance with the algorithm, the company reported long-position capital gains of 43.57% experiencing a quick win by the algorithm.


Founded in 1997, United Rentals (URI) is the largest equipment rental company in the world, with a store network nearly three times the size of any other provider, and locations in 49 states and 10 Canadian provinces.

quick win by the algorithm

Quarter earnings for URI will be reported between January 25-30. Last quarter, URI reported earnings of $2.58 per share, higher than the estimated $2.44. Projections for next quarter are low, as analysts have estimated that URI will decrease to $2.24 per share with a low of $1.29 per share and a high of $2.50 per share. Estimates of URI’s growth for the current quarter are at 2.3%, which is most likely why the stock surged last week. However, next quarter the growth estimate is -0.7%.

This bullish forecast on URI was sent to current I Know First subscribers on September 21st, 2016. 

Before making any trading decisions, consult the latest forecast as the algorithm constantly updates predictions daily. While the algorithm can be used for intra-day trading the predictability tends to become stronger with forecasts over longer time-horizons such as the 1-month, 3-month and 1-year forecasts.

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