Quick Win by the Algorithm: Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN) Treats Investors With Stock Up 24.71% In 3 Days

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“With the preliminary data from IMerge presented at ASH, we now have clinical data in three blood cancers, ET, MF and MDS, where imetelstat exhibits potential disease modifying activity by inhibiting the progenitor cells of the malignant clones that drive the underlying diseases”

– said John A. Scarlett, M.D., Geron’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

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Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN) operates as a biopharmaceutical company. The company supports the clinical stage development of imetelstat, a telomerase inhibitor for the treatment of hematologic myeloid malignancies. It has collaboration and license agreement with Janssen Biotech, Inc. to develop and commercialize imetelstat worldwide for indications in oncology, including hematologic myeloid malignancies and other human therapeutic uses. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Menlo Park, California.

Over the 3 days after I Know First issued its forecast on March 16, 2018, Geron Corporation’s stock price jumped from $3.48 to $4.26 per share, outperforming the market by more than 25%. So what is the driver behind that growth  and what happened during 2017 financial year? The reason lies in the company’s results for 2017 released with the following highlights:

  • Net loss of $27.9 million, or $0.18 per share, compared to $29.5 million, or $0.19 per share, for 2016
  • Total operating expenses for 2017 were $30.3 million compared to $36.8 million for 2016
  • Research and development expenses for 2017 were $11.0 million compared to $18.0 million for 2016

From the above figures one can see that despite that the company decreased investment into R&D activity and by some 39% comparing to 2016, the total operating costs of the company for 2017 financial year also decreased by some 18%. This performance in 2017 was accompanied by 5.5% contraction of the net loss figure comparing to 2016. This shows that the company may have managed to optimize its spending and invest the available funds without affecting the overall costs composition and production efficiency, and hence should bring more value to the investors.

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Finally, the latest Yahoo Finance data supports the neutral-to-positive outlook and shows that 1 out of 3 analysts took the buy position and the remaining 2 took hold position with regards to Geron Corporation’s stock.

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On March 16, 2018, I Know First issued a bullish 3 day forecast for Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN). The forecast illustrated a signal of 62.79 and a predictability of 0.11. In accordance with the forecast, GERN’s stock returned 24.71% over this period, highlighting the accuracy of the prediction produced by the I Know First algorithm.

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