Voxx International Stock Prediction: Is This The Beginning of a Turnaround?

  2016-09-15_18-55-38  The article was written by Jacob Saphir, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.

Voxx International Stock Prediction

“Go where your customers take you! For example, did you know that Sony’s first product was a rice cooker? Since abandoning the rice cooker, it has merely managed to become the world’s biggest consumer electronics company.” Naveen Jain

Voxx International Stock Prediction


  • Voxx International is a leading electronic manufacturing company looking to reverse its declining stock performance
  • 2016 third quarter earnings surpassed expectations
  • Directors and institutions active in insider trading activity
  • I Know First’s algorithm indicates a bullish signal for VOXX


Voxx International, Corp. (NASDAQ: VOXX) is an electronic manufacturing companies with over 30 acquired international brands.  Founded in the year 1960, the company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.  The company contains three segments: automotive, premium audio, and consumer accessories industries.  The automotive segment focuses on mobile-media video products, radios, automotive security and collision avoidance systems, and TV tuners and antennas.  The premium audio products includes a wide range of speakers for home theater, wireless, commercial, Bluetooth, architectural, and headphones. Consumer accessories products offered are antennas for TV and wireless products, TV universal remotes, power cords, cables, cameras, and more.  Although the company claims to be the #1 premium loudspeaker company in the world, and the leading company in TV remote controls and antennas, the company’s declining stock performance does not reflect.  Since 2014, the company has been reporting negative net income and decreasing revenue.  However, since the start of October 2016, the company’s stock seems to be rebounding.  This resulted in I Know First to have a bullish forecast because of the company’s latest encouraging financial report and insider trading activity.

Voxx International Stock Prediction

2016 Third Quarter Result:

The company posted a better than expected third quarter report on October 12, 2016.  Earnings per share surpassed expectations from -$0.01 to $0.12.  Net income improved from a year ago, and broke the trend of posting negative net income for the past 2 quarters.  The company reported a net income of $3.02 compared to -$4.39 a year ago.  As a micro-cap stock, such positive news of surpassing expectations, and breaking the negative financial trend in net income, could result in high volatility.  This resulted in the stock to increase by over 30% in one day.  Although the company experienced a decrease in sales in the automotive sector from a year ago, the premium audio and consumer accessories sectors increased in sales.  The company achieved higher gross margins in the Asian market for its premium audio. The launch of the newest product in consumer accessories, the 360Fly Action Camera, also contributed to the increase in sales.  Could this be the start of reversing the downward trend?  Others are speculating its possibility.

Voxx International Stock Prediction

Insider Trading Activity and Analyst Opinion:

Besides reporting positive third quarter earnings, the stock is also benefiting from recent insider trading activity.

Insider Trading Activity

  • Algert Global LLC increased its position by 21.7% in the latest quarter.
  • Royce & Associates LP increased its position by 13.6% in the second quarter.
  • Guggenheim Capital LLC increased its position by 5.8% in the second quarter.
  • Emerald Acquisition Ltd. entered a new position by purchasing stocks worth $811,000.00 in the second quarter.

Voxx International Stock Prediction

Analyst Opinion

Currently, Robert Stone from Cowen & Company, along with Thomson Reuters have maintained their rating as “Hold”.  However, the recent earnings report encouraged Zack’s Investment Research to adjust its rating from a “sell” to a “strong buy”.  The new price target is $4.50.


We are maintaining a bullish forecast of the stock.  I Know First’s algorithm forecast the stock as a long term investment.

Past I Know First Forecast Successes With VOXX:

In such as the one dated on October 23, 2016, the algorithm accurately forecast a signal for Voxx International.  In a 3 days time span, the stock rose by 13.92%, surpassing the S&P 500 return of -0.08%.  The market premium calculates to an astounding 14.00%.

Below is the latest forecast I Know First algorithm released on October 26, 2016.  If we were to compare the forecast back in October 23, 2016, we can see both forecasts rate Voxx International as a buy.  If the previous forecast on October 23, 2016 accurately predicted the stock would increase and it did by 6.76%, the latest forecast below could indicate a higher rate of return.

Voxx International Stock Prediction

The forecast is color-coded, where green indicates a bullish signal while red indicates a bearish signal. Brighter greens signify that the algorithm is very bullish as it does at the top of this forecast. The signal is the number flush right in the middle of the box and the predicted direction (not a specific number or target price) for that asset, while the predictability is the historical correlation between the prediction and the actual market movements. Thus, the signal represents the forecasted strength of the prediction, while the predictability represents the level of confidence.