Press Release: I Know First Again Praised for Its Algorithm Based on AI and Machine Learning

Press Release

An article on the relationship between stock markets and Big Data is out on Upside since October 6, 2016. It featured the Advanced Algorithm of I Know First based on AI and Machine Learning.

press release

The article focuses on algorithmic trading.  As an expert in analyzing and writing about IT Trends, Brian J. Dooley has published numerous books and other manuals in this matter. Most noteworthy, he has identified I Know First as a key player in the market.

As stated in Dooley’s article, program trading is not new.  Designing modern prediction strategies implies complicated patterns hard to set up. Moreover, handling big data can at times seem challenging. However, Brian Dooley mentions I Know First’s ability to provide thorough analysis and financial modeling. I Know First self-learning algorithm and the experience it acquired, hence enables machine learning to perfect itself on a regular basis.  Therefore, providing algo traders with higher accuracy in stock forecasting.  Seems like, I Know First maybe reshaping the way we invest.

The forecast are produced from an algorithm designed by co-founder and CEO Dr. Lipa Roitman.  With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Roitman has a Master Degree in Mathematics and Linear Algebra. In addition, he made its PhD in the Weizmann Institute of Science in solid state organic chemistry and photo-chemistry.

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