Press Release: CEO and Co-Founder Yaron Golgher Featured Speaker at FinTech Junction

Press Release

Press Release: FinTech Junction Convention, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 8, 2017 –  CEO and Co-Founder of I Know First, Yaron Golgher, will be a featured speaker at FinTech Junction, a FinTech convention in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Traditional companies are at risk – they will either have to disrupt, or be disrupted. FinTech startups invent new ways to deliver financial services faster, better, and at lower costs. The corporates are now investing heavily and bringing in startups to help them respond. By brining together the industry’s leading figures and innovators FinTech Junction facilitates opportunists to connect with your next client, partner or investor, and to learn where the industry is going next. The convention will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 in Tel Aviv for an unforgettable event and a unique opportunity to connect with the movers and shakers of FinTech.

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Co-Founder and CEO of I Know First Ltd., Yaron Golgher has over 15 years of experience leading projects based on forecasting algorithms and predictive analytics, as well as developing quantitative trading strategies, algorithmic trading applications, and big-data solutions for hedge funds and institutional clients.

Golgher has extensive knowledge in the design, specification, and implementation of algorithmic trading solutions, and forecasting. In addition, he has a broad range of expertise with advanced costing, budgeting, and planning systems such as Activity Based Costing, Time Based Costing, Rolling-forecast budgeting, Activity Based Budgeting, and standard Costing. Prior to co-founding I Know First, he applied his skills and knowledge to a variety of sectors including industrial, service, finance, infrastructure, and transportation organizations. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an EMBA from Ben Gurion University, Yaron Golgher worked as a division manager at OIC, a leading Israeli consulting firm that specializes in managerial accounting, information, and control.

Currently the Co-Founder and CEO of I Know First Ltd., the company has used their algorithm to predict markets and supply big data solutions for institutional and large private investors since 2010.

Other featured speakers include:

  • Peli the Tiger, Entreprenur and Leader from People & Computers
  • Ben Pelled, VP of Business Development from People & Computers
  • Nimrod Kozlovski, venture capitalist, researcher, lecturer and consultant
  • Yoni Assia, Founder and CEO of Etoro
  • Yoav Barel, Founder of Chatbot Summit
  • Mor Assia, Founding Partner at iAngels
  • Igal Rotem, CEO of Credorax
  • Amit Harel Innovation Leader and Chief of Staff for the Chairman & CEO at Deloitte
  • Nir Milohead, Head of Strategic Innovation at D+H
  • Gadi Glikberg, VP of International Sales & Mareting at Bitman 比特大陆
  • Gil Arazi, Founder & General Partner, FinTLV
  • Ruth Polacheck, CEO & Co-Founder of FinCHECK
  • Keren Hummel Alon, CEO & Founder of WhoPaze
  • Tomer Guriel, Co-Founder & CEO of Ezbob
  • Ishay Tentser, CEO at IniTech

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