Press Release: I Know First submit to co-author the Wealth Tech Book

Press Release

I Know First recently submit to co-author the Wealth Tech Book. This is a crowd-sourced book with more than 500 participants. Among them were CEO and Co-Founder Yaron Golgher.


Wealth Tech Book

Source: Twitter The Wealth Tech Book 

Criteria to select writers are precise ; Fintech experts and visionaries whose business are at the cutting edge of the technology. Yaron Golgher has more than 15 Years of experience of managing leading projects of forecasting based on algorithm. Thus, it was obvious that his expertise would be targeted for the Wealth Tech Book.

The abstract of Yaron Golgher covered the interest of AI-tech based firms for both professionals and individual investors. Writers have until February 5th, 2017, to submit their abstracts. The one who will earn the more votes from the public will write a full article as a co-author of the book.

Make sure to vote for Yaron Golgher’s article on the website: TheWealthTechBook

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