Press Release: I Know First Chosen for the Israel-China Accelerator Program, Bringing a Smart Stock Market Forecast Solution to China

Press Release

Press Release: Tel Aviv, Israel, November 26th 2017 – Israel-China Accelerator Program, Stock Market Forecast Solution for China.

I Know First was one of 10 Israeli start ups chosen from over 100 different companies, for the Israel-China Accelerator Program, which is an initiative by the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry with the support of DayDayUp which is the leading business innovating community in China.

The objective of this program is to build up a mutual beneficial platform, promoting and facilitating the cooperation between China and the Israeli tech industry and helping start ups enter the Chinese market. This is accomplished by the 6 month acceleration program, where representatives of the chosen starts ups travel to China and engage in different activities in a shared Co-working space. The representatives will undergo mentoring, take part in lectures held by China’s brightest entrepreneurs,  will be able to set up partnerships with big cooperations, and will be visible for investment by individuals or cooperations with interest in the company.

I Know First’s main goal is to set up shop in the Chinese market and create meaningful and long lasting partnerships with Chinese cooperations. I Know First has the capabilities to tailor the algorithm to both the Shanghai Composite Index and the Hong Kong Hang Seng, expanding the bandwidth of information customers can access and making it attractive for Chinese financial players to make use of the service.

The program allows I Know First to emerge into the fast growing Chinese economy, revolutionise its AI financial technology and attract the attention of big Chinese cooperations, hopefully leading to successful and long lasting partnerships. I Know first will bring a smart stock market forecast solution to China Not only will the program help to grow I Know First, but it will also cast a spotlight on other Israeli start ups, incentivising Investment by China and by other big economies.

For information about the program, visit Israel Accelerator Program and DayDayUp


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