Press Release: I Know First Selected As Co-Author Of WealthTECH Book by Wiley – To Be Published On May 11, 2018

Press Release: Tel Aviv, Israel, April 29th, 2018 – WealthTECH Book release date announcement


PhD Lipa Roitman, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at I Know First, and Yaron Golgher, Co-founder and CEO of I Know First, selected as co-authors of the WealthTECH Book which will be published by Wiley on May 11, 2018 on Amazon. As of today, The WealthTECH Book has reached the 7th place on Amazon’s Bestseller Ranking and we are also considered a “Hot New Release”.

As Co-authors of chapter 4 “Digital Platforms, Products & Ecosystems” of the book, PhD. Lipa Roitman and Yaron Golgher are looking at some of the ongoing trends and changes in the financial services industry and how asset managers can (or should) be transforming themselves to stay relevant and ‘ahead of the curve’. This chapter has been written in cooperation with top fintech experts from the world leading companies, such as Dufour Capital AG and Bloomberg.

The WealthTECH Book is now available for pre-order through Amazon here.

For more information about WealthTECH Book release and Global Launch stay tuned to I Know First website and our Social Networks.


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