Press Release: I Know First Ventures Into Predictive Healthcare Realm

I Know First Ventures Into Predictive Healthcare Realm

Earlier today, I Know First had a meeting with KST Medical Group which has monumental potential for both companies. I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher met with KST Medical Chairman Chong Han at the I Know First Tel Aviv office to confirm the unprecedented partnership. I Know First was introduced to the Chinese pharmaceutical company by Mr. BasketballTal Brody, who is now helping I Know First build its presence in China. Together, the companies will work to adapt I Know First’s unique machine learning algorithm to predict heart disease and heart attacks in patients. The algorithm will be able to predict the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease given the data from an individual’s medical industry. KST will aggregate anonymous medical profiles from the top 1,000 hospitals in China which will allow I Know First to build the relationships between medical factors and heart disease and eventually predict them. Once the algorithm can detect the potential for diseases, it will move to forecast other aspects such as likelihood of a fatal cardiovascular event given the fact that someone has developed a disease. One in five people in China have a cardiovascular disease and this type of disease accounts for nearly 20% of mortalities in the country. The ability to detect the potential for the disease will allow people to take precautions and minimize the likelihood or delay the onset of disease.

As of now, I Know First’s self-learning algorithm has only been implemented in the context of the stock market, producing daily stock forecasts and creating “what-if” scenarios with features such as forecasting liquidity and trading volume in the pipeline. I Know First’s Head Scientist Dr. Lipa Roitman will apply his extensive knowledge about chaotic processes and advanced algorithms to create the newest application of the I Know First algorithm. KST has great influence in the Chinese healthcare industry and the enormous population of China provides a massive market for the finished product. This partnership is significant because it is the first time I Know First will foray into a new industry with nearly unlimited potential. This partnership is only the start; I Know First looks forward to expanding its presence in this huge industry with a massive potential for AI application in detecting and treating disease.