Press Release: I Know First Continues To Present In China Roadshow

Press Release: Ben Rubin, the Head of Advisory Service of I Know First, presented on China-Israel Xuanwu Forum on Agriculture Technology Innovation Cooperation (Project) in Nanjing, China on May 30. More than 200 companies from Israel and China took part in the conference, and I Know First was invited as Israeli representative in artificial intelligence field. Representatives of companies from two countries shared their ideas through speeches, roadshows, and face-to-face talks.

press release
I Know First: representative of AI technology from Israel

The forum is organized by Nanjing municipal government, together with Suning Group (one of the biggest e-commerce and real estate companies in China), Galaxy Group and Huaqiang Group. Xuanwu district, a new rising innovation center in Nanjing, is actively seeking for collaboration in international high-tech area. The forum attracted more than 15 local Chinese investment institutions such as Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd and Huatai Zijin Investment Co., Ltd.

press release
More than 200 companies attended the forum

In the conference, Ben delivered a presentation to the participants, introducing I Know First’s advanced technology of machine learning in finance and the company’s proprietary AI for stock market prediction. Next, he will continue I Know First roadshow in China in Shenzhen-Israel Technology Forum on June 2 and 3 which we will present in the next press release.

press release
Ben introduced I Know First to the attendees

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