Potash Stock Forecast: Quarterly Dividends Released, Shares Expected To Rise

Potash Stock Forecast


  • Newly released 3Q results show EPS at $0.38.
  • Potash has a large market share of the industry at around 15%.Potash Stock Forecast
  • Good revenues split in different segments.
  • Extremely high dividend yields at ~7.5% compared to sector average of ~3.5%.
  • I Know First algorithm is currently bullish on Potash.

Algorithmic Analysis

Our Algorithm has been bullish on Potash Corp for some time now. The recently released 3Q results combined with fundamental analysis of the Potash sector, and Potash Corp’s financials and products, have confirmed our view of Potash Corp. Not only does Potash Corp operate at a gross margin of 57%, allowing  its balance sheet close to being debt-free, it also has very high dividend yields respective to the sector. Potash Corp’s dividend yields come in at 7.5% compared to a sector average of 3.5%. We believe Potash Corp’s share price will soar and maintain our fundamentally bullish view on it. We recommend a long core investment.


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