Plug Stock Analysis: Don’t Pull The PLUG On Plug Power Just Yet (PLUG)

Plug Stock Analysis: Summary

  • Revenue has almost quadrupled over the past 5 years to just under $70 millionplug stock analysis
  • Gross Profit Margins are improving and look set to become positive by the year end
  • Sales are expanding to unprecedented levels and their clientele base is constantly widening
  • Inroads into the automotive market look highly promising and could potentially their most lucrative operation yet
  • I Know First’s algorithm is solidly bullish for the upcoming year and foresees a wholly positive future for PLUG stock

Despite currently making losses, by expanding their core market and widening their clientèle base, Plug Power will be on track to meet their goals for total sales of $100 million during the current fiscal year. As a result of much of the international population becoming increasing aware of climate, more and more people are seeking alternative energy solutions for both personal and commercial needs. Indeed, Plug Power’s future looks very positive and I would not advise any investor to pull the plug on their stocks for a while

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