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05th May 2015

LinkedIn Stock Forecast: An Algorithmic Analysis (LNKD)

LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE: LNKD) operates a social networking website that is focused on professional networking. The company released its most recent earnings report on April 30th, where forward guidance severely disappointed investors. The stock price fell significantly the next day, as it was the first time that the company’s earnings had disappointed investors in the four years it has been traded publicly. While the stock price was valued extremely high before the earnings report, the resulting sell-off has been overblown, and the company’s long-term outlook remains strong and intact. Therefore, the current dip in the stock price represents a great opportunity to buy into this position. linkedin stock forecast

28th Apr 2015

Apple Stock Predictions: What To Expect From Apple After Excellent 2Q

Apple Inc. (AAPL) had another incredibly strong quarter following its record breaking first quarter, when the company had profits of $18 billion. Profits this quarter weren’t nearly as high, as the first quarter includes holiday sales causes it to always be the best performing quarter. But profits did increase 33% when compared year-over-year, an astonishing amount, as the company had its best ever March quarter results. Revenue was up 27% and earnings per share were up 40%, which indicate that the company’s margins improved while it repurchased shares. Taken altogether, CEO Tim Cook put it best when he declared that it was hard to find anything not to like in the numbers.

Algorithmic Predictions For 2Q Compared To Results

I Know First has written numerous bullish articles during the second quarter, arguing that the company would continue to perform well and the stock price would climb even higher. The first article was written after the first quarter earnings report. In it, I argued that the stock price had more room to increase, especially because of the success Apple was having in China. Another article, written on February 25th, focused on how demand for the iPhone would remain high even though Apple sold a record 74.5 million units in the first quarter. A third article was a preview for the earnings report, and reiterated that iPhone sales would perform better in the second quarter compared to previous years because most of the sales so far had been converting users of other devices, and that Apple would continue this trend in the coming quarter. The stock price has continuously climbed during the previous quarter as the articles predicted, increasing over 15%. apple stock predictions

27th Apr 2015

Amazon Stock Forecast: An Algorithmic Analysis

Amazon (AMZN) beat market analysts’ expectations for both revenue and earnings per share during its most recent earnings report on Thursday. The company’s stock price soared to record highs as a result, settling 14% higher. I Know First wrote a bullish article on Amazon on February 9th, which can be read here, predicting the stock price would climb. Since that time, it has increased 18.92% as the article argued it would. amazon stock prediction

21st Apr 2015

GE Stock Prediction: Why A Patient Approach Is Needed

General Electric Company (GE) has been strategically spinning off assets in recent years in order to streamline the business, with the sale of GE Capital the latest step. Although this move hurt the company’s bottom line in its most recent earnings report, it is a smart move in the long run. GE’s revenue declined by 12% in the most recent quarter, and the spinoff of the banking business caused profits to fall 6%. But by selling off its financial business, worth up to $500 billion, the company can become more focused on its industrial business. While this will help the company in the long run, difficult times are ahead during this transition, meaning investors should wait before initiating a position in this stock. ge stock prediction

19th Apr 2015

Netflix Stock Prediction: Algorithmic Analysis

I Know First was correctly able to predict the rise of Netflix’s stock price since the last earnings report. In this forecast from January 15th, 2015, Netflix was included as one of the top 10 tech stocks to buy in the three month time horizon. The company had a signal strength of 38.73 and a predictability indicator of 0.3. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 46.64% since that time. netflix stock prediction

15th Apr 2015

Intel Stock Forecast: Bullish Outlook After PC Market Bottomed Out

Intel's decent earnings report performance during the previous quarter shows that its strategy to decrease reliance on the PC market is paying off, and that the stock price is poised to break out in the future. I Know First published an article on March 27th predicting that the stock price was set to start climbing, and it has already increased over 10% since that time and will continue climbing higher. Intel stock forecast

13th Apr 2015

HIMX Stock Forecast: Wearable Devices Market Makes Himax Technologies A Good Value

HIMX Stock Forecast

Wearable Devices Market Makes Himax Technologies A Good Value

Himax Technologies, Inc. (HIMX) is a fabless semiconductor provider with world leading visual imaging processing technologhimx stock forecasties. After undergoing a successful transformation in 2012, the company was able to post revenues of $227.2 million, its highestquarterly revenue since the same quarter four years earlier, and full year revenue of $840.5 million, an increase of 9.1% year-over-year. Besides strong revenue, the company was also able to report strong profits and earnings per share for the quarter. The results showed that Himax had successfully become a more diversified company with market leading single-chip solutions.

Algorithmic Analysis
This forecast is in agreement with the fundamental analysis of how undervalued Himax Technologies is at this point in time. The signals are exceptionally strong and are among the top picks for both time horizons, meaning the algorithm believes that the stock price will move much higher in the future. This makes sense, as it is currently vastly undervalued due to potential explosive growth in the wearable market and its incredibly solid balance sheet. Investors should take advantage and add this to their long-term portfolios.

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