Stock Forecast Algorithms: Updated Algorithm Performance (April 7 2013)

Updated algorithm performance: These are the current top 10 best predictable markets by 14 days predictability.
This performance is based on the last 120 days predictions,

Stock Forecast Algorithms

There is daily parameter that indicating the forecast performance: the predictability.

The "strength" of the prediction is the Predictability P, which ranges theoretically between minus 1 to plus 1. This metric is an adaptation of the Pearson correlation coefficient. Negative P means the actual market move was the opposite of prediction. Zero P means no correlation between the prediction and the actual

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Hewlett-Packard stock forecast: 45.1 percent gain in 90 days

Hewlett-Packard stock forecast and the predictions for S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones from January 7 2013 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" predictive algorithm.
Time horizon of the forecast: 90 trading days from January 7 2013-April 7 2013.

Hewlett-Packard stock forecast

 HPQ stock forecast for today



Apple stock forecast: 8.4 percent drop in 14 days

Apple stock forecast  from March 25 2013 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" predictive algorithm.
Time horizon of the forecast: 14 trading days from March 25 2013-April 5 2013.

Apple stock forecast for today

 Apple stoock forecast


Index investing: 21.5 percent in 90 days

Index investing: indexes forecast from January 4 2013 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" algorithm.

The indexes forecast includes predictions for:


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Currencies forecast: two currencies to buy and two currencies to sell

Currencies forecast from January 7 2013 based on "I Know First" algorithm
Time horizon of the forecast: 90 trading days from  January 7 till April 7 2013.
The forecast includes prediction for the major world currencies:

  • Forecast for USD/BRL
  • Forecast for GBP/USD
  • Forecast for USD/CAD
  • Forecast for EUR/USD

Currencies forecast


Daily Forecast: Apple, Google, Nasdaq, Dow Jones.

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Top stocks to buy based on predictive algorithm: 18.4 percent gain in 3 months

Top stocks to buy and the stock market forecast from December 31 2012 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" stock algorithm.

The stock forecast includes predictions for:

  • Top stocks to buy: The top 10 stock picks that best fit for long position
  • S&P 500 forecast
  • VIX forecast

Time horizon of the forecast: 90 trading days from December 31-March 312013 .
Top stocks to buy

Please note-for trading decisions use the most recent forecast. 


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Stock of the day: 9.38 percent gain today

April 5 2013
Stock of the day: In accordance with the forecast, ALU is up by 9.4% today:

Stock of the day

Alcatel-Lucent provides networking and communications technology, products, and services to service providers, enterprises, and governments worldwide. Its Networks segment designs Internet protocol (IP)/multiprotocol label switching core and edge routers, carrier Ethernet access and aggregation switch/routers, service aggregation routers, multi-service wide-area-network switches, and content delivery network appliances, as well as service aware management; manufactures and markets microwave wireless

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