NFLX Stock Prediction: 86.28% Increase Since Our Bullish Algorithmic Forecast

NFLX Stock Prediction

Netflix, Inc.’s stock price has increased 86.28% since January 9th, 2015, when I Know First published its first bullish article for the company on Seeking Alpha, in 2015. Since then, I Know First published three other articles maintaining the bullish forecast on January 21st, April 16th and May 6th, and the stock price continued to climb another 10.16% already since the latest one.

nflx stock prediction

Netflix plans to finish rolling out its streaming service internationally by the end of 2016, introducing the service into over 200 different markets. This has eaten into the company’s profits, but its stock price has still soared as more and more people sign up for the service.

Also, subscriber growth from international markets will be enormous in coming years, especially as international expansion winds down towards the end of 2016. But more people are also signing up for the service domestically. As we argued in an article on April 16th, the future model of television will evolve to where people are able to pick and choose what they want to pay for, instead of the current cable model where over 200 channels can be packaged together.

The company’s strategy of sacrificing profits to fund international expansion and original content is paying off, and will lead to continued massive growth throughout the rest of the decade.  Stay tuned for further algorithmic news for NFLX

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