New Products: Top 10 Stock Picks Under $5 Based on Predictive Algorithm


Best Stocks Under $5

Most traders ignore equities under $10; however, those willing to take the additional risk open themselves up to a serious upside. It is much easier for a $5 stock to double in price than for example a $250 stock to do so. Because most companies want to have their stock above those levels they may employ tactics such as buybacks, and potentially take you along for the (price increase) ride.

By combining the algorithmic heat map with your own calculations which should in most cases include a current asset/current liability ratio greater than one. It should have institutions not cutting their positions by more than 5% in recent quarters. Finally a steady increase in cash flow over the last year. If you find those criteria to hold true, and the algorithm predicts a strong signal at the same time, you have a solid potential investment.




* Stocks with the strongest signal and largest predictability are preferable.

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