LNKD Stock Predictions: Over 300 Million Users And Still Growing

LNKD Stock Predictions: Summary

  • Solid and unique business model with an absence of serious competition.
  • Diversified streams of revenue allows LinkedIn to stay strong in adverse times.
  • Revenue increase by approximately 35% year-over-year.
  • Numerous opportunities for expanding their international market.
  • I Know First algorithm is bullish on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn (NYSE:) stock plummeted at the end of April after its quarterly results. Since then, LinkedIn stock has noticeably not managed to rally back to anywhere near its previous levels.

These disappointing results were expected as profits were setback primarily due to LinkedIn’s high profile acquisition of Lynda.com. The cost of merging the two companies and integrating their customer base has evidently reduced the LinkedIn’s net income.

LinkedIn’s share value has been detrimentally effected by setbacks in profits due to their acquisition of Lynda.com and unfavorable exchange rates. However, these are only small term blips and should not have any significant effects in their long-term value. As a result of being a unique company with a noticeable lack of serious competition and huge potential to increase their users and revenue bases, LinkedIn’s future appears highly encouraging. I Know First’s algorithmic prediction mirrors the bullish outlook of the fundamental analysis and believes LNKD stocks to be currently undervalued and therefore have highly “promising upside potential” for investors

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