I Know First Reviews Weekly Algorithmic Performance: October 30th, 2016

I Know First Reviews

On October 30th, 2016, our weekly newsletter was sent out to all our I Know First subscribers, which can be found here. Below, find the I Know First Reviews, highlighting the algorithm’s performance for this past week.

I Know First Reviews

I Know First sends a weekly newsletter every Sunday to all the I Know First subscribers, highlighting the past week’s performance in all the covered financial markets, i.e. equity positions, currencies, and commodities. Additionally, the weekly newsletter includes analysis and updated news reports regarding prominent firms such as well Apple, Yahoo, Baidu, and more. The I Know First algorithm maintains a bullish stance of the firms analyzed, and our subscribers are able to utilize these tools for their investment strategies. The in-depth analysis is provided by the I Know First financial analysts, who are often times as well top rated authors for prominent financial sites such as Seeking Alpha.

In general, the algorithm is made up of The system is a predictive stock forecast algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with elements of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms incorporated in it. This means the algorithm is able to create, modify, and delete relationships between different financial assets. Based on the relationships and the latest market data, the algorithm calculates its forecasts. Since the algorithm learns from its previous forecasts and is continuously adapting the relationships, it adapts quickly to changing market situations.

For a more detailed explanation, regarding the algorithm, click here.

As highlighted in the newsletter, our subscribers had seen superb returns, whether long-term or short-term. Our investors are able to tackle the market head on with all its recent uncertainties, and achieve premiums well over those offered by institutional and classic fund managers. For example, our state of the art algorithm tracks stocks under 5 dollars. Over the past week, on October 28th, 2016, a one year long forecast was published for, under Stocks Under 5 Dollars package. Within the span of one year, three stocks had more than doubled their returns, with Bovie Medical Corporation (BVX) quadrupling its returns at 201.63%. The algorithm had predicted 7 out 10 stocks correctly in a bullish manner, for the one year time horizon.

Over the past week, our R&D team had published a report regarding daily trading strategies utilizing I Know First’s state of the art algorithm. These trading strategies have yielded superb market premiums above the S&P 500 Index, and are meant to be utilized by hedge funds and other money management funds. From january, 2016 till the end of September, 2016, the highest return was at 58.75%. These strategies are based off of the securities found in the S&P 500, and are filtered by both signal strengths and a predictability indicator.

I Know First Reviews

Every week the top performing financial instruments are highlighted, as shown below from this past week’s newsletter.

1. This Week’s Best Overall Forecasts: 201.63%
I Know First’s most lucrative stocks this week came from the Risk-Conscious and Stocks Under 5 Dollars packages. BVX was our top-earner with 201.63% in 1 year.  GOL and CWEI followed with excellent returns of 188.95% and 175.50%, accordingly. The average returns for these packages were 60.96% and 34.05% compared to the S&P 500’s return of 2.93% and -1.34%, during the respective time periods.

2. High Swing Trading Returns- Top 3 Day Forecasts:
Within the 3-day forecasts, the International, 52 Weeks High Stocks, and Stocks Under 10 Dollars packages had the strongest returns. The best return yielded 44.97%in just 3-day period. VOXX and VALE also returned 13.92%and 10.38%. The averages for these forecasts were 7.34%, 6.74%, and 4.18%, which greatly overtook the S&P 500’s .47% and -0.08%.

3. 7 Day Returns Top 20%:
The highest performing 7-day forecasts were from the Basic Industry, Tech, European, and Stocks Under 10 Dollars packages. The strongest return came fromMTL with 49.54%, found in the European package. VALE and VOXX also returned 19.01% and 16.88%. The I Know First averages for these packages were7.00%, 5.28%, 4.45% and 2.09% compared to the S&P 500’s small returns of -0.52%, -0.01% and 0.78%.

4. 14-Day Forecasts Earn Up to 26%:
The Energy and Options packages had the strongest 14-day forecasts this week. One stock returned 26.24% in this time horizon. HNR and WNR also returned 18.68% and 11.11%. The averages for these packages were 5.87% and 2.58% which outperformed the S&P 500’s -0.11% and 0.13%.

5. Monthlong Returns Over 70%
In the last month, these packages gave the highest returns: Fundamental andBrazil. The greatest return came from MTL returning 70.28%GOL and PBR also returned a high 36.57% and 31.98%. These 30-day forecasts averaged 18.58% and 17.63% which outdid the S&P 500’s 0.10% and -0.99%.

6. Three-Month Return Over 150%:
The Energy and Fundamental were the highest performing 90-day packages this week. CWEI was the strongest earner with 200.58%. GOL and GGB also gave strong returns of 58.16% and 54.19%. 29.88% and 22.68% were these packages average returns against the S&P 500’s -1.47% and -1.09%.

7. Nearly Triple Return in a Year:
Our highest returning yearlong forecasts came from the Brazilian Stocks and Dividend Stocks packages. The top performing company came from our Brazilian forecast at 188.95%. The highest return from the Dividends Stocks forecast was almost 60%. The overall averages for the brazil and dividend stocks were 69.81% and 37.48%, respectively.

8. Short-Term Trading Reaches 58.75%
This short-term trading report details I Know First’s results from January 7th, 2016, to September 30th, 2016. I Know First yielded results up to 58.75% while the S&P returned only 8.94% in the same time horizon. Read the full report for a more detailed analysis with charts and graphs, depicting a high reward to risk payoff with low Betas and high Sharpe Ratios.

Article Summaries

  1. On June 5th, 2016, an I Know First analyst published an article about MSFT. He believed Microsoft is trying to grow their Windows 10 Mobile strategy. They also gave away Xamarin for developers to make games. but it requires a strong coding background to do so. Both the analyst and algorithm were bullish for MSFT in the long-run. Since then, MSFT increased 15% proving both predictions correct.
  2. A little over a month ago, an analyst at I Know First wrote this article analyzing MPEL. MPEL has increased 15% before the article was written and the analyst believed it would continue to rise. Macau has seen a recovery in gambling revenue which initially boosted the stock price. As revenue continues to increase, the I Know First analyst believed MPEL’s stock price will continue to grow. The I Know First algorithm also predicted a stark jump in stock price. MPEL increased 10% since the algorithm gave the bullish signal.
  3. This article analyzing GLUU for a potential short stock lists reasons why the stock will decrease. A lack of top ranked games augured dwindling revenue for the company. Without another big game title, GLUU will see large decreases in both revenue and stock price. The I Know First algorithm also rated GLUU a sell. The stock has decreased 11% since the article was published proving both predictions correct.