Press Release: I Know First Presented at the IDC FinTech Conference

Yaron Golgher, CEO and Co-Founder of I Know First at IDC Herzliya’s FinTech conference

On May 3rd, 2018, Yaron was among the panelist speakers at IDC, all of which discussed how FinTech influences the future of technology and its popularity in the Israeli market. Yaron Talked about how artificial intelligence pertains to I Know First to predict current market trends, while also exploring the independent technology, which is taking a human role in various financial functions today.

The purpose of IDC Herzliya FinTech conference is to bring together leaders and influential players from the Israeli FinTech ecosystem in order to create a productive and inspiring platform to the diverse audience of IDC students and other visitors. The conference discusses one of the most fascinating and trending topics of today; the rapidly changing world of Financial Technology.

I Know First is listed as one of the partner firms of IDC Herzliya, as listed on the FinTech Conference site.
For more details, and to read more about this conference, visit the site here.

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I Know First, Ltd. is a financial technology company that provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced, self-learning algorithm. Thus, the company’s algorithm predicts over 8,000 securities (and growing). Thus, it has capabilities to discover patterns in large sets of historical stock market data.

The underlying technology of the algorithm based itself on Artificial Intelligence. It also based itself on machine learning and incorporating elements of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms. Moreover, the algorithm generates daily market predictions for stocks, commodities, ETF’s, interest rates, currencies, and world indices for the short, medium and long-term time horizons.

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