Israeli AI Algorithm Forecasts Stock & Crypto Markets

I Know First participated in this year’s Vivatech show in Paris. I Know First was presented by Yaron Golgher, head of I Know First. It provides artificial intelligence-based algorithmic forecasting solutions to make stock market predictions and daily forecasts in more than 50 global markets. Already featured on Israel’s television channel 13 and i24 News, I Know First has won an award for best international financial technology startup at the Geneva Wealthtech Forum.

The algorithm was first developed for the chemical industry by partner Dr. Lipa Roitman, from Russia, who studied in Novosibirsk State University in Siberia and the Weizmann Institute of Science. Yaron Golgher called him, “a genius, the smartest person I have ever met.” He noted that the algorithm was pointing to price hikes and shortages in the energy, mining and food sectors in October 2021 before the war in Ukraine began, meaning “the trend from this war was predictable.”

Viva Technology is Europe’s biggest startup and tech event. Each year VivaTech brings together, in Paris and virtually, business leaders, startups, investors, researchers, and innovators to ignite positive change in business and for society as a whole. Yaron Golgher was interviewed by i24NEWSNatasha Raquel Kirtchuk. Yaron Golgher spoke with Kirtchuk about the I Know First Predictive Algorithm and how the I Know First AI works to find the most promising investment opportunities in the stock and crypto markets for leading banks, hedge funds, and wealth management firms.

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