Investment Tips From Professionals: Stephanie Ackler (Wells Fargo Advisors)

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Investment tips


“Many women may need to learn to invest more aggressively than men if they don’t want to outlive their money, given the same time horizon to achieve their goals”

Stephanie Ackler

Investment tips

About Stephanie Ackler

Stephanie Ackler graduated from Harvard Business School Executive Education. She obtained a certification as Chartered Financial Analyst. Stephanie Ackler has 4 years experience as Registered Senior Client Associate. She also offers 12 years experience as Senior Vice President of Tucker Anthony. Moreover, she has over 16 years experience as Managing Director – Investments, Senior PIM Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo. Furthermore, Stephanie Ackler involved herself in different associations as the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board. She also committed in different investment committees as Women’s President Organization. She also is the member of the New York Society of Security Analysts. In addition, Stephanie Ackler’s quote has been nominated to be apart of I Know First Investment Tips project.

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