Investment Tips From Professionals: Andrew Samalin (Samalin Investment Counsel)

Investment Tips #13

Investment Tips

Don’t take risks you aren’t compensated for, and entertain taking those that you are.

-Andrew Samalin

About Andrew Samalin

Andrew Samalin received his B.A. in business and music from NYU, and later received his masters in real estate finance at NYU in 2001. He has a vast twenty-five year plus experience in financial planning and wealth management for professionals ranging from CPAs to attorneys at law. Andrew is a principle at Samalin Investment Counsel, where his firm strives to offer an unbiased financial service to its clients, and has been nationally recognized by the SEC. His ability to offer deliver the best risk-reward solutions to his clients has caught our attention. Therefore, we see great value in his quote related to risk compensation and averseness.

Find more information about Andrew Samalin in his LinkedIn Profile.

I Know First: Daily Market Forecast

I Know First, Ltd. is a FinTech company that brings science and math to the financial world by providing daily investment forecasts. The software base itself on an advanced self-learning algorithm. Developed by CTO and co-founder, Lipa Roitman (PhD from Weizmann Institute and 35 years of experience), the algorithm utilizes artificial intelligence  techniques to analyze, model, and predict the stock market.  Moreover, acting CEO and co-founder, Yaron Golgher has over 15 years of experience in managing and leading consulting projects for advanced costing, budgeting, and planning systems. They will participate soon to the Summit of Singapore.