In The News: Taiwan Bankers Association Delegation to Israel meets with I Know First

On Tuesday, August 9th, 2022, I Know First’s Co-Founder and CEO, Yaron Golgher, attended a meeting with members of the Taiwanese banking and financial industry at the Israel Export Institute. The 17-members delegation, led by the Bankers Association in Taiwan is visiting Israel to explore the latest trends and technologies in Fintech and Cybersecurity.

I Know First was among the few companies which presented themselves and participated in a pitching session. The event brought together several executives from international and local banks in Taiwan looking for new technologies that could help and boost the financial industry.

About I Know First

I Know First, Ltd. is a financial technology company that provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced, self-learning algorithm. Thus, the company’s algorithm predicts over 10,500 securities (and growing). Thus, it has capabilities to discover patterns in large sets of the historical stock market data.

The underlying technology of the algorithm based itself on Artificial Intelligence. It also based itself on machine learning and incorporating elements of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms. Moreover, the algorithm generates daily market predictions for stocks, commodities, ETF’s, interest rates, currencies, and world indices for not only short but also for medium and long-term time horizons.

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