Identifying The Best Stocks On Robinhood Using AI

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  • Robinhood has changed the online broker industry, realizing a $8.3 billion valuation and possessing a large portion of the market space.
  • Robinhood investors, in conjunction with I Know First’s algorithm forecasting, have repeatedly scored big.
  • I Know First can provide Robinhood users with multiple stock forecasting options, including custom forecasts for individual portfolios.

Robinhood and its Influence on a New Generation of Investors

Robinhood is an online broker-dealer that allows investors to trade without incurring a commission charge. It was meant to level the financial playing field and allow amateur investors the ability to participate in the stock market. The app allows users to trade stocks and funds, as well as options, cryptocurrency, and fractional trades. They also have Robinhood Gold, a subscription-based service that starts at $5 per month and allows users to trade on margin. This membership allows users to trade on borrowed money, as well as gives them access to research reports.

 The app uses a sleek and easy-to-use system which provides amateur investors with the ability to trade easily. By targeting younger investors, Robinhood is then able to gain a following and ensure users for years to come.

(Source: Seeking Alpha)

Robinhood’s strong user-base allows the broker to possess a large portion of the market space, as can be seen above. However, despite this success, Robinhood still has prospects for growth. Many Robinhood investors can benefit from an investment advisor, such as I Know First, and the unlocked potential of algorithmic stock forecasting.

Past Success of Robinhood Users and I Know First’s Algorithm

Robinhood users have been successfully investing in stocks which I Know First has provided bullish forecasts for. Recently, Robinhood investors were able to profit off of the airline industry, despite betting against investing veteran Warren Buffett. In early May, Mr. Buffett fully liquidated his shares in four airlines, while Robinhood investors began buying up airline stocks. Since then, JETS ETF surged 55%. This investment was also in accordance with a bullish I Know First forecast. The above I Know First forecast reflects our winning stock predictions for Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL), American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL), and Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV). In this sense, our algorithm was successful, despite the disparity between institutional investors’ predictions. 

Success in Light of COVID-19

I Know First and Robinhood investors have also had success in light of COVID-19. The virus promoted the growth of multiple industries, such as tech and pharma. Robinhood co-founder and co-CEO Vladimir Tenev stated that since the start of the virus, investors traded “a lot in airlines, a decent amount of buying in videoconferencing, streaming services, some biopharmaceutical as well.” With the effects of COVID-19 permeating the stock market, I Know First has also created Coronavirus Stock Package. Most recently, on May 12, 2020, we issued a one-month forecast that resulted in an average return of 15.48%. This forecast, spanning across multiple industries, includes stocks that Robinhood investors are interested in, such as entertainment, tech, and pharma.

In addition, this forecast includes bullish predictions for stocks such as Novavax and Nvidia. As can be seen by the charts below, our prediction was correct. This further demonstrates how our algorithm is able to pick up patterns and trends better than the average person. Specifically, in our evaluation report, Nvidia’s year-long forecast earned a 100% hit ratio. This, in essence, means that the algorithm was correct over the entire 1-year time horizon, allowing our clients to make the safest investments. Thus, our successful forecasts and evaluation reports demonstrate the potential synergy between Robinhood investors and I Know First. 

Robinhood Investor’s Should Utilize I Know First’s Forecasting


The success of Robinhood users and I Know First’s predictions is not a coincidence. In general, Robinhood users are mostly investing in the same stocks featured in our forecasts. One such stock is Apple (AAPL), which I Know First writes predictions and weekly news on. Robinhood users have also taken a liking to this stock; in May, it was the tenth most popular stock on the app. Additionally, we have also issued bullish stock forecasts for Tesla, Bank of America, and Twitter, which are some of the most popular stocks on the app. In particular, our Tesla stock prediction evaluation report demonstrated the success of our algorithm; as can be seen below, our one year time period earned a 100% hit ratio.

The success of our algorithm in conjunction with the overlap in stock interest between Robinhood investors and our predictions demonstrates how investors could benefit from our forecasting. 

How Investor’s Can Use I Know First’s Algorithmic Forecasting

Using our proprietary developed AI algorithm to predict the best stock market opportunities, we can provide Robinhood users with stock prediction packages. These packages would provide investors with more information and allow them to make more informed decisions.

Our first package option includes our existing packages. Although Robinhood users do not have access to all stocks available, they do have access to 5000 stocks, including most U.S. exchange listed stocks. For Robinhood users, some of our popular packages could be extremely handy when making investment decisions, for instance top biotech stocks, tech giants stocks, and energy stocks. We also provide general non-industry specific forecasts, such as this one year mega cap stock predictions. More information about our existing packages can be found here

Our second option includes a custom forecast in which we can provide the users with the most promising stocks in the long and short term. These stocks would be chosen from the top 100 most traded stocks. A user can then decide on the optimal number of stocks in the forecast.

Finally, I Know First can generate personalized stock forecasts tailored to stock portfolio requirements of individual investors. In this instance, I Know First will provide the investor with predictions for the individual stocks in his or her portfolio.


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Robinhood is a quickly developing online broker-dealer that has revolutionized its industry. Despite the company’s unquestionable success, the online broker and its users could benefit from the algorithmic forecasting of an investment advisor such as I Know First. Our company consistently produces accurate bullish and bearish forecasts, as can be demonstrated through our performance reports. For example, our best tech stock performance report reflects how our algorithm is able to predict stocks with average returns up to 24% on 1 year forecasting horizon. In general, with I Know First algorithm, our forecasts are able to predict the market better than the average investor. Thus, with the accuracy of our forecasts, Robinhood investors can make more informed decisions and ultimately increase their returns.

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