I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: November 27th, 2023

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Weekly Newsletter | November 27th, 2023

Good morning, I Know First universe.
We’re happy to share our best article and stock prediction of the week:
  • Top Trade Ideas – Options Outlook Based on Deep-Learning: Returns up to 128.89% in 1 Month
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Need To Know First!

  • Top Technology Stock Picks Based on Stock Prediction Algorithm: Returns up to 23.18% in 3 Days
  • Strong Buy Stocks Based on Data Mining: Returns up to 15.09% in 7 Days
  • Top Biotech Stocks Based on Big Data Analytics: Returns up to 34.25% in 14 Days
  • Options Outlook Based on Deep-Learning: Returns up to 128.89% in 1 Month
  • Top Tech Stocks Based on AI: Returns up to 36.0% in 3 Months
  • Quantitative Trading Based on Algorithmic Trading: Returns up to 227.14% in 1 Year
  • Adobe Inc. (ADBE) is up 11.98% since October 15, 2023, due to the company’s financial dominance, marked by consistent revenue growth and superior financial metrics, its recent introduction of innovative AI models like Firefly, and strong market leadership. Additionally, the stock-picking AI of I Know First shows a high signal for Adobe’s positive trend in the one-year market forecast, supporting the bullish outlook for the stock.
  • M/I Homes Inc. (MHO) is up 20.95% since September 24th, 2023, due to a combination of factors: M/I Homes Inc (MHO) has demonstrated robust revenue growth and a significant increase in net income, significantly reduced its debt, and exhibits impressive margins and return metrics that outperform many competitors.
  • Alphabet Inc, Google (GOOGL) Stock is up 16.74% since June 28, 2023, due to Google’s focus on generative AI, which enhances its search engine capabilities, strong revenue growth particularly in online advertising and cloud segments, and a substantial $70 billion stock buyback by Alphabet Inc., indicating a positive market sentiment and financial strength.

Weekly Winning Forecasts

3 Days
Tech Stocks: 23.18% Return
Top 10 Stocks: 23.18% Average
Hedge Fund: 41.80% Yield

7 Days
Top 10 Stocks: 15.09% Yield
Implied Volatility: 50.52% Return
Low P/E Stocks: 38.01% Average

14 Days
Biotech Stocks: 34.25% Yield
ARK ETF: 53.41% Return
Stocks Under $10: 54.03% Average
1 Month
Options: 128.89% Return
Best AI Stocks: 47.66% Yield
Tech Stocks: 36.23% Average

3 Months
Tech Stocks: 36% Yield
Mega Cap: 54.3% Return
Dividend: 77.9% Return

1 Year
Computers: 227.4% Return
Home Builders: 139.37% Average Mid Cap Stocks: 205.71% Yield

14 Days: 79.59% Hit Ratio Return

3 Days: 34.42% Return
14 Days: 42.09% Return
1 Month: 314.51% Return

3 Months: 168.76% Return

1 Year: 141.37% Return
☆ Top 10 Stock Picks For December 2023 Based On AI Algorithm ☆

Snippets From Our Top Blog Posts For The Week:

Stay Ahead Of The Curve: AI Weekly

AMAT Stock Forecast: Navigating the Future of Semiconductor Leadership

Applied Materials Inc. (AMAT) has a strong financial position with a healthy balance between equity and borrowed funds. The company has a significant amount of current assets, including a substantial cash reserve, which indicates operational flexibility and potential for investment. However, its long-term liabilities, including long-term debt, are manageable given its strong equity position. AMAT’s primary revenue generator is its semiconductor systems segment, which demonstrates efficient cost management and a strong market position. While its revenue growth is trailing its peers, AMAT has historically shown strong growth. The company’s financial metrics, including ROA, ROE, ROIC, operating margin, net margin, and gross margin, surpass industry medians, highlighting its exceptional financial health and standout performance. In fiscal year 2023, AMAT reported strong financial outcomes, including flat revenue year-over-year and increased profitability metrics. The company’s president and CEO expressed confidence in its future growth and profitability, driven by its broad product portfolio and strategic customer relationships. AMAT’s valuation metrics suggest a more attractive valuation in terms of earnings and assets compared to its peers. However, its current stock valuation may be trading at a premium relative to its earnings and financial fundamentals, warranting cautious consideration by investors. In conclusion, despite its lagging growth rate, AMAT’s strong financial foundation, focus on innovation, and sustained growth in the semiconductor industry position it favorably for the future. However, investors should carefully assess its market positioning and stock valuation. Read more.

Stock Market Predictions: Sector Rotation Strategy

The IKF trading strategy, developed using I Know First’s AI Algorithm daily forecasts, has shown positive returns that exceeded the S&P 500 returns in the years 2020-2023. In 2020, the strategy selected long positions in the financial, technology, and industrial sectors, resulting in 11 long positions and 1 short position. In 2021, there were long positions in the financial, technology, industrial, and consumer discretionary sectors, totaling 13 long positions. In 2022, the strategy selected long positions in the industrial, financial, healthcare, and consumer discretionary sectors, along with 3 short positions. In 2023, the strategy had long positions in the technology, financial, and industrial sectors, as well as 1 short position. Overall, the IKF strategy consistently outperformed the S&P 500 during this period. A lot of the success of the sector rotation strategy arose from the use of ETFs. For more in-depth information on ETFs

Read more.

Stock Forecast Success On Air: News 13 Channel Visits I Know First And Builds Winning Portfolio

In a recent experiment conducted by journalists, the I Know First predictive stock forecast AI was put to the test. Two portfolios were created using the AI predictions: one for passive investment and the other for active investment. After a two-week review period, the passive portfolio was up 3.88% in value, while the active portfolio showed an impressive performance, going up 8.18% in value. Both portfolios outperformed the S&P 500 index by a wide margin. The experiment showcased the AI’s capabilities and its ability to beat the volatile market.

Read more.

GOOG Stock Forecast: A Tale of Thriving Revenue

The increase in revenue from Google Services and Google Cloud drove Alphabet, Inc.’s strong performance in the second and third quarters of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Google advertising, generated from various Google platforms, saw growth due to increased user engagement and higher charges for advertisers. Additionally, Google’s other revenues, especially from YouTube’s non-advertising revenue, increased significantly. While Google Cloud revenues showed improvement, it still accounts for a small portion of the overall revenue and operating income. The United States remains the largest market for Alphabet, Inc., followed by EMEA, APAC, and Other Americas. The company’s cost structure remained stable, with cost of revenues and operating expenses staying proportionate to total revenue. Alphabet, Inc. invested in share repurchases and capital expenditure, demonstrating optimism in sustained revenue growth and business expansion. The DCF analysis suggests that GOOG stock is undervalued and worth buying. With positive recommendation trends from analysts and AI-driven stock selection indicating a bullish signal, the stock’s momentum and cost control strategies support its future performance and potential growth.

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The Stock Market is Changing, It Is Time For Thoroughness Stock Picking

The article discusses the current inflation crisis in the US, with the price index experiencing its biggest year-over-year jump in over 40 years. The increase in prices can be attributed to factors such as the government’s response to the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The article highlights that inflation crises are not uncommon and references the inflationary period in the 1970s. It suggests that stock picking may be a favorable investment strategy in the current situation, with experts encouraging investors to be more selective. The article also mentions that historically, the oil sector tends to perform well during high inflation periods, along with emerging market stocks and gold. On the other hand, bonds are considered avoidable as interest rates are expected to rise. The article concludes by mentioning the AI-powered algorithm developed by I Know First, which can provide forecasts for different stocks and ETFs to help investors navigate the inflationary period. To subscribe to their services, readers are directed to click the provided link.

Read More.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear Readers,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average extended its winning streak for the fourth consecutive week, showcasing resilience and sustained positive momentum. Closing the week with a 1.27% gain, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also contributed to the market’s robust performance, notching 1% and 0.89%, respectively.

Noteworthy Opportunities:

In the 3 Days forecast for the Hedge Fund Stocks Package, HRTX, SAVE, and TGTX all had returns of 41.8%, 27.01%, and 13.85%, respectively. The Hedge Fund Stocks package recorded an overall average return of 9.87%, providing investors with a premium of 9% over the S&P 500’s return of 0.87% during the same period. In the 3 Days forecast for the Top 10 Stocks Package, CLSK, SONO, and CELH all had returns of 23.18%, 3.49%, and 2.43%, respectively. The Top 10 Stocks package recorded an overall average return of 3.72%, providing investors with a premium of 3.25% over the S&P 500’s return of 0.47% during the same period. In the 7 Days forecast for the Fundamental – Low P/E Stocks Package, CRIS, BLNK, and GPRO all had returns of 38.01%, 27.36%, and 22.95%, respectively. The Fundamental – Low P/E Stocks package recorded an overall average return of 15.57%, providing investors with a premium of 12.58% over the S&P 500’s return of 2.99% during the same period. In the 7 Days forecast for the Implied Volatility Options Package, HRTX, CLSK, and MARA all had returns of 50.52%, 45.31%, and 16.91%, respectively. The Implied Volatility Options package recorded an overall average return of 11.86%, providing investors with a premium of 8.03% over the S&P 500’s return of 3.83% during the same period. In the 14 Days forecast for the Ark ETF Package, CDNA, CRSP, and BEAM all had returns of 53.41%, 41.56%, and 25.6%, respectively. The Ark ETF package recorded an overall average return of 19.58%, providing investors with a premium of 15.24% over the S&P 500’s return of 4.34% during the same period. In the 14 Days forecast for the Biotech Stocks Forecast Package, CRIS, PDSB, and TGTX all had returns of 34.25%, 28.51%, and 26.13%, respectively. The Biotech Stocks Forecast package recorded an overall average return of 14.56%, providing investors with a premium of 9.68% over the S&P 500’s return of 4.88% during the same period. In the 1 Month forecast for the Options Package, IBRX, MSTR, and CLSK all had returns of 128.89%, 22.45%, and 18.72%, respectively. The Options package recorded an overall average return of 19.61%, providing investors with a premium of 12.27% over the S&P 500’s return of 7.34% during the same period. In the 3 Months forecast for the Tech Stocks Forecast Package, ICLK, VRNS, and LOGI all had returns of 36%, 31.71%, and 30.15%, respectively. The Tech Stocks Forecast package recorded an overall average return of 12.11%, providing investors with a premium of 8.04% over the S&P 500’s return of 4.07% during the same period. In the 1 Year forecast for the Computer Industry Package, NVDA, JBL, and AMD all had returns of 227.14%, 90.89%, and 65.19%, respectively. The Computer Industry package recorded an overall average return of 56.76%, providing investors with a premium of 42.08% over the S&P 500’s return of 14.68% during the same period.

Market Dynamics: Forex and Cryptocurrencies

In alignment with our Forex Forecast , the dollar saw a decline for the third week in the last four, reaching three-month lows. Simultaneously, Bitcoin surged to a new cycle high, nearing $38,500. Our Cryptocurrency Predictions demonstrated gains of up to 34.42% in just three days.

Components of I Know First’s AI-Powered Predictive Solution:

The I Know First AI algorithm is being trusted by the world’s leading hedge funds, investment houses, banks, family offices, brokerage firms as well as high-net-worth individuals.

Our AI-powered predictive solution is multifaceted, offering you a comprehensive approach to navigate today’s dynamic markets:

1. Identifying Opportunities: Explore our diverse range of packages, including Top 20 Stock Picks, Top 10 Stock Picks , Top 5 Stock Picks, and other tailored options, all designed to identify the most promising investment opportunities.
2. Stock Market Intelligence: Gain insights into leading sectors, indices, and more with packages like World Indices and ETF’s .
3. AI-Powered Portfolio Optimization: Get daily forecast for your portfolio with our AI-driven portfolio optimization. Our relevant packages, including annual subscriptions with free customization options, ensure a tailored and optimized approach to your portfolio construction.

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Wishing you a week of successful trades!

Best Regards
Yaron Golgher, CEO

Q&A With I Know First
I Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts And How to Interpret the Numbers

Q. What is the forecast date?
A. The forecast date is the date the algorithm released this set of predictions.

Q. What is the time horizon?
A. The time horizon is the suggested period of time to hold the suggested stocks. When we calculate the forecast performance, we do so from the forecast date through the end of the time horizon.

Q. What is the S&P 500 stock prediction and why do you include it?
A. The S&P 500 is the major US index and is the general indicators for the direction of the US stock market. If the algorithm predicts that the S&P 500 will go up, then it is a good sign that the stock market will generally increase. It helps in decision making. It is generally preferable to go long the Top 10 stocks when the S&P 500 has a positive prediction and to go short the 10 stocks on the bottom of the table when the S&P 500 has a negative prediction.

Q. What is the accuracy (checks and x marks)?
A. If the algorithm correctly predicts the direction of a stock’s movement, a checkmark is placed next to the stock’s return and if the algorithm is incorrect in its prediction, an x mark is placed next to the stock’s return.

Q. What is the return?
A. The return is the percentage movement of each stock multiplied by 1 if the algorithm suggested a long position or multiplied by negative 1 if the algorithm suggested a short position. In other words, if the algorithm correctly predicts the direction of the stock, the return is the positive percentage change of the stock, and if the algorithm incorrectly predicts the direction of the stock, the return is the negative percentage change of the stock. The return is the last end of the day price at the target date of the forecast VS the price when the forecast was sent (the end of the day price of the previous day).

Weekly Apple Stock Update

Apple delays the release of its Apple Vision Pro headset to March 2024 due to testing and distribution challenges. The initial launch will be in the US, with fewer than 400,000 units expected in 2024. Apple employees are undergoing Vision Pro training, and flagship stores will have dedicated hands-on areas. The upcoming iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature Apple’s tetraprism Telephoto lens for enhanced zoom capabilities. Initially exclusive to the Pro Max, the tetraprism lens will now be included in both Pro models due to improvements in yield and an increase in the Pro’s size. OpenAI makes its voice chats feature in the ChatGPT app available to all users on iOS and Android. The feature was initially limited to subscribers but now extends to free users. ChatGPT allows verbal conversation with the AI chatbot and syncs history across devices. The recent announcement comes amid leadership changes at OpenAI, including the temporary ousting and subsequent return of CEO Sam Altman. Read more.
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