I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: May 6, 2019

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May 6, 2019

This Week’s Top Article:
Artificial Intelligence In Finance:
AI Is the New Electricity
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This Week’s Top Stock Prediction:
Impressive AI Based Forecast
Tech Giant Stocks Based On AI
148.69% Return | 1 Year

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BABA Stock Forecast: Alibaba Cloud Is Winning In The Asia Pacific
China and the Asia Pacific developing nations are the new growth drivers for cloud computing hardware/software service providers like Alibaba. It is fortuitous that China’s Belt and Road Initiative is favoring Alibaba Cloud in the Asia Pacific Region. Alibaba Cloud now offers the same products and services that AWS and Azure does now. Alibaba Cloud’s pricing is also competitive against AWS. I really believe Alibaba Cloud will replace IBM as the no. 4 in global cloud infrastructure services by end of this year.

Alibaba will also continue to dominate China’s cloud computing market. China’s government will never entrust government/corporate data in the hands of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. American and European companies may be wary of trusting Alibaba Cloud but Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin and Central Americas are large markets than can help Alibaba Cloud become a $10 billion/year tailwind.
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The Next Frontier Of Artificial Intelligence Predictability In Financial Markets
If you’re getting our weekly newsletter, you’re obviously interested in using Artificial Intelligence to predict the stock market. Huge companies such as Facebook, Google, Baidu, and more have spent billions of dollars on acquiring AI talent. Yet, only 32% of surveyed traditional financial insitutions confirmed use of recommendation engines, predictive analysis, voice recognition, and allied technologies. So why are big banks so reluctant to adapt these new technologies?

There’s a couple of reasons. First, many banks have security concerns about using AI, which is often cloud based and would require many expensive internal servers to manage. Banks run many rounds of “penetration testing,” where security experts employ a range of black hat strategies to attack and break any new technology being evaluated. This security measure is only one of many necessary for the banks to take before adopting any potential changes. For example, disaster recovery is another key factor. Most AI companies work using the cloud, however, this would not work for a bank that needs a fast recovery with only a few seconds of downtime. This is known as a “hot-hot” recovery and requires onsite technology to ensure the bank is self-sufficient. Furthermore, AI technology tends to be strongly data-based. This means the algorithms require vast volumes of consumer information and input. This creates challenges with banks’ internal compliance and has led bank executives to list privacy as the top worry related to AI in reports.
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AAPL Stock Forecast: Cash Generating Machine With An Enormous User Base
Last week, in anticipation of Apple’s earnings report, I Know First published a new Apple Stock Forecast. The article explains why there is no need to be concerned about Q1 2019 iPhone sales being lower than Q1 2018, and a possible continuation of this with Q2 results. Moreover, there is a great buying opportunity for AAPL shares as the market is too focused on iPhone sales unit numbers, and APPL is trading at a cheaper P/E than the average on the S&P 500.

Besides dividend growth, EPS growth will come from the higher margin services business. The services side of Apple, as distinct from hardware sales that include Iphone and Ipad, refers to AppStore sales, ApplePay, AppleCare, AppleMusic, iCloud, AppleTv and the recently announced Apple Arcade. Apple’s services business growth is not constrained by the size of its installed hardware user base. Indeed the business is successfully slowly but steadily transitioning to higher margin services, thanks to its already-installed user base of over 1.4bn. You could have known all of this before the release in order to capitalize before the earnings release.
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Directly Impact Capital Market Forecasting
Capital market forecasting is going to be directly impacted by artificial intelligence technology, said Yaron Golgher, CEO of I Know First Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based AI capital markets forecast service. Founded in 2010, and employing about a dozen people, I Know First is a fintech company offering capital markets forecasting services based on a machine learning algorithm. The company’s research and development team consists of Ph.D.s in mathematics and computer science, machine learning experts.

Through artificial intelligence and advance machine learning techniques, the way capital markets are forecasted will transition more towards technology. AI forecasts account for a multitude of different factors that affect capital markets. Thus, these will become one of the primary ways people will make predictions regarding capital markets.
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Intel Stock Prediction: Intel Is Now More Affordable
Intel has a great chance of finishing 2019 with a higher revenue and EPS. The largest business segment, Client Computing Group of CCG posted a 4% year-over-year growth to $8.6 billion in Q1. This pattern can continue because Microsoft (MSFT) is end support for Windows 7 computers. Companies and individuals will likely buy new computers that can actually run Windows 10 comfortably. Most Windows 7 computers right now are older than 5-years old.

The other EPS growth driver for INTC this year is its decision to kill its 5G smartphone chip business. There’s talk that Intel is trying to sell its money-losing wireless chip/modem business too. Making modems was reportedly costing Intel $1 billion in annual loses. Getting rid of a money-losing subsidiary can help INTC finish 2019 with an EPS higher than $4.14.
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Dear Readers,

We are in front of a very busy week. After winning the award for Best International FinTech Start Up at the Geneva WealthTech Forum, I have been invited to give the keynote presentation at the Chief Information Officer Innovation Conference in Prague this week! The topic of the presentation is “Investment Selection By Using Artificial Intelligence” and is set for 9:00 am on May 10.

We were invited to chair the event and to lead the different panels, but this time we can not make it since we are heading again to east of the world again- for another Road show—this time in Thailand! I Know First is currently predicting daily forecasts for over 50 global stocks exchanges around the world including the US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, China, AustraliaIndia, and more. We also predict the Thai stock exchanges and we are going to meet with the leading banks, hedge funds, investment firms, and family offices there.

Warmest Regards
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO


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