I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: May 19, 2019

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Investment Selection Using AI Predictive Algorithm
May 19, 2019

This Week’s Top Article:
Sector Rotation Based Algorithmic
Trading Strategies For Stocks & ETFs
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This Week’s Top Stock Prediction:
Impressive AI Based Forecast
S&P 500 Stocks Based On AI
124.98% Return | 1 Year

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NVDA Stock Forecast: Bullish Outlook For Nvidia Before Earnings
While in the short term, the stock could be in for a period of turbulence, there is still reasonable ground to expect it to go bullish within, roughly, a 12-month period. With the gaming and data center segments still accounting for over half of NVIDIA’s revenues, there are positive developments in both sectors – and a possible tailwind coming from a new direction.

In the gaming segment, Nvidia is releasing new technology to the mid-range price segment – a development that could bolster NVIDIA’s sales in the strategic sector. On the data center front, the deal with Mellanox could greatly bolster NVIDIA’s positions in the data center segment. Both companies are among the clear leaders in the field of high-performance computing, with their products, taken together, powering half of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.
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I Know First Cofounders At The Deep Learning In Finance Summit
As more and more companies utilize AI, more and more technical words are becoming more commonplace. In our forecasts, you probably see us use the term “deep learning” or “reinforcement learning” often. In this presentation from I Know First cofounders Yaron Golgher and Dr. Lipa Roitman in Singapore, they explain how the I Know algorithm works, reinforcement learning vs supervised learning, and more!

Understanding the underlying concepts of the stock market, I Know First has developed a predictive algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with elements of Artificial Neural Networks incorporated in it. The model is trained with 15 years of historical data as well as real-time data. Then I Know First will test the prediction algorithm on years of market data, and validates them with the 2-month recent data to avoid overfitting. Every day, new data is recorded and the system will adjust itself based on the results that it achieved in the past and the new inputs.
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Sector Rotation Based Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Stocks and ETFs
Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) attempts to improve a portfolio’s returns by catching near-term outperformance of specific asset classes. A specific form of TAA which seeks to determine which equity sectors will outperform the market in the short term and overweight those sectors in order to generate smart-beta is Sector Rotation.

Of course, this type of strategy relies on a model able to successfully identify market conditions which result in the outperformance of specific sectors. I Know First’s self-learning algorithm is a perfect candidate for this type of prediction as it uses 15 years of historical data to identify recurring patterns in the stock market and generate daily market predictions for a set of over 7,000 assets.
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Stock Market Predictions: AI and Chaos Theory
There have been many attempts to model the inner workings that make markets tick the way they do, starting from those as fundamental as the Smithsonian unseen hand correcting all the wrongs. However, when it comes to things less abstract and academic, one of the main questions on everybody’s minds is whether market, and, more specifically, stock market predictions are a possibility or not.

The I Know First predictive algorithm is a successful attempt to discover the rules of the market that enable us to make accurate stock market forecasts. Taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning and using insights of chaos theory and self-similarity (the fractals), the algorithmic system is able to predict behavior of over 200 markets. At first an analysis of inputs is performed, ranking them according to their significance in predicting the target stock price. Then multiple models are created and tested on utilizing 15 years of historical data. Only the best performing models are kept while the rest are rejected. Models are refined every day, as new data becomes available leading to results that consistently beat the benchmarks.
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Boons Of The Start Up Nation: 5 Israeli FinTech Companies To Watch
As computers grow ever-more powerful and high-tech solutions are picked up and implemented across the board in a set of industries diverse enough to include cloud-based speech-to-text applications and robot cafes, the financial sector is keeping up with the trend and embracing the new technologies. And for tech-savvy investors looking to generate impressive returns by tapping into a booming pool of creativity and technological know-hows, there is no better place to start than Israeli FinTech companies scene.

The Start-Up Nation, with its bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem, has seen the arrival of over 500 multinationals seeking partnerships with Israeli fintech companies which are very much on the list of their interests. International recognition and increased investor trust have allowed the Israeli fintech companies sector to secure almost $1 billion in funding in 2018, its best year on record. And if you are willing to step into the fray and benefit from the Israeli creativity, we picked 5 Israeli fintech companies for you to keep an eye on.
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Dear Readers,

Technology has evolved exponentially in the past few years which has aided the rise of artificial intelligence in typical roles and across industries such as finance. AI has spread like wild fire as data analysis and machine learning has become a consistent way to make solid returns. Even top hedge funds are trying to implement the low cost technology in order to boost their mediocre returns as of late. The best combination though, is artificial intelligence complemented by the human mind.

This is where predictive algorithm’s like I Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts come into play. The algorithm does not make its own trades and, instead, identifies opportunities in the market. However, it does not make the trade automatically and allows the investor to make the decision. The algorithm has proved to be extremely successful. The US market has slid a little lately, but we knew first thanks to our algorithm which identified top stocks to short in the US market and saw negative outlooks for top US indices such as S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones. In addition, the algorithm had high expectation for the VIX, volatility indicator, and Bitcoin, which both moved in accordance with the algorithm!

Warmest Regards
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO


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