I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: March 25, 2019

I Know First Weekly Newsletter
Investment Selection Using AI Predictive Algorithm
March 25, 2019

This Week’s Top Article:
GOOGL Stock Forecast:
Emerging Catalyst For Alphabet
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This Week’s Top Stock Prediction:
Impressive AI Based Forecast
Top Tech Stocks Based On AI
57.69% Return | 3 Months

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GOOGL Stock Forecast: Emerging Catalysts For Alphabet In The Future
Verily is not yet accretive to Alphabet. However, Verily’s efforts to improve healthcare can potentially become bigger than digital advertising. Alphabet is spending billions of dollars to research faster and better ways to implement healthcare management. Using data science and new technologies, Verily will eventually become a profitable venture.

Verily’s mission of improving healthcare through data science and technology is a compelling reason to go long on GOOG or GOOGL. Verily’s tech-driven approach to improving healthcare is more viable than self-driving cars. It’s already 2019 and yet there’s still no government-approved commercial autonomous car on the road. Going forward, Verily could turn out to be a multi-billion growth driver for Google within the next 5 to 10 years.
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I Know First Wins Best International Startup At Geneva WealthTech Forum
On March 14, I Know First competed in the Pitch Contest at the Geneva WealthTech Forum in Switzerland and took home a prize in the competition. In the Pitch Contest, CEO of I Know First, Yaron Golgher, presented the predictive market algorithm and its proven results over the years. I Know First received an audience award in the Best International Start-up Competition.

The event was a convention of top Financial Technology companies and business leaders from around the world. The awards forum aims to display Geneva as one of the world centers for Wealth Management and financial innovation. Among the crowd of those who chose I Know First included fund managers, bankers, and other leaders in the finance world.
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ETF Trading Strategies Based On I Know First Algorithmic Forecasts
I Know First employs a variety of trading strategies to maximize growth. One of these is utilizing I Know First’s ETF forecasts for trading. ETF forecasts are generated by using a weighted aggregation of stock-level forecasts and its performance is tested by comparing it a the SPY benchmark. 

To do this we decided to focus on our ETF predictions and create a performance report for portfolios consisting of all the ETF signals, the top 20 most predictable ETF signals, top 10 most predictable  ETF signals, top 5 most predictable ETF signals, and the most predictable ETF signal. We then used the SPY as a benchmark to compare our results. Nearly every single I Know First based portfolio outperformed the SPY!  Once we constructed our portfolio, we found the algorithmically enhanced portfolio had higher return than the benchmark’s 35% as well as Sharpe Ratios higher than the benchmark’s. 
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Algorithmic Trading: Selecting Investments Using Artificial Intelligence
FinTech companies may provide money management, banking solutions, and stock picking strategies. I Know First falls under the latter using its machine learning advanced algorithm to identify stocks with growth potential and then we identify these stocks with high signals and predictability indicators. The algorithm rates all the investment instruments, and singles out  opportunities in market on a daily basis, according to the anomalies it finds.

The algorithm is self-learning and is based on purely quantitative values, not news or any kind of analysis. We provide forecasts for different time periods. The longer the time period, the greater the statistical significance and the greater the accuracy. The algorithm is able to identify the trends and to filter out the background noise.
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Dear Readers,

It’s been a great week here at I Know First! I’m honored to update that we received the award for the best WealthTech International Financial Technology Start-up from the Geneva WealthTech Forum. This was an audience chosen award and among the crowd of those who chose I Know First as a winner included over 300 fund managers, bankers, CEOs of prestigious banks, and other influential members of the WealthTech community. I would like to thank the audience for choosing us and the Geneva Wealth Tech Forum for hosting the wonderful event.

On top of that exciting news, I was selected by Onalytica as one of the Top 100 Wealth Management Influencersthanks to the work I do at I Know First. We are honored to be among the list of incredible change makers in the WealthTech industry and are very excited about the future of AI, wealth management, and I Know First!


Warmest Regards
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO



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