I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: July 13th, 2020

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Weekly Newsletter | July 13th, 2020

Good morning, I Know First universe.

We’re happy to share our best article and stock prediction of the week:

  • Top Trade Ideas – Strong Buy Stocks Based on Big Data: Returns up to 129.52% in 3 Months
  • Top Featured Article – Robinhood Trading Using AI: Top Stock Picking Strategies to Boost Portfolio Now
☆ Top 20 Stock Picks for This Week Based on AI Powered Algorithm + Top 10 Tech Stocks

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  • Best Robinhood Stocks Based on Genetic Algorithms: Returns up to 45.88% in 3 Days
  • Coronavirus Stock Market Opportunities Based on Big Data Analytics: Returns up to 19.38% in 7 Days
  • Top Technology Stock Picks Based on Deep-Learning: Returns up to 27.7% in 14 Days
  • Stock Market Opportunities at Coronavirus Times Based on AI: Returns up to 112.38% in 1 Month
  • Netflix (NFLX) Stock is up 50.72% since April 2, 2020 as Coronavirus pandemic and cheap mobile-only plans for Asian customers help boost Netflix’s subscriber count.
  • Tesla (TSLA) Stock is up 106.96% since April 21, 2020 as profit taking recommendations surface amid concerns for Tesla’s ability to withstand a pandemic-induced recession.
  • Nvidia (NVDA) Stock returns up to 34.31% since May 13, 2020 as a pandemic-caused increases in video-gaming and Nvidia’s expansion to automotive markets boost NVDA stock. 

Weekly Winning Forecasts

3 Days

Top in Robinhood: 8.92% Avg
Corona Stocks: 17.96% Return
Top S&P500 Stocks: 11.27% Yield

7 Days

Top Tech Stocks: 9.41% Average
Robinhood Best: 58.59% Return 
Best Corona Picks: 19.38% Yield

14 Days

Options Outlook: 19.3% Average
Tech Giant Stocks: 27.7% Yield
Top ETFs To Buy: 32.04% Return

1 Month

Corona Stocks: 25.54% Average
Top in Tech: 44.15% Return
Mega Cap Stocks: 42.3% Yield

3 Months

Aggressive Stocks: 117.73% Avg
Corona Forecast: 453.43% Yield
S&P500 Forecast: 129.52% Return

1 Year

Promising AI Stocks: 104.76% Avg
Best in Technology: 155.03% Yield
Top S&P 500 Picks: 152.09% Return

☆ Predicting Next Week’s Winning Stocks By Using Deep-Learning ☆

Snippets From Our Top Blog Posts For The Week:

Stay Ahead Of The Curve: AI Weekly

Robinhood Trading Using AI: Top Stock Picking Strategies to Boost Portfolio Now

Highly acclaimed by millennials for its low barriers to entry, Robinhood has taken the investing world by storm in recent years. It’s easy-to-access entry to the world of stock investing has been criticized by some for allowing their users to take on high risks as a result of a lack of investment knowledge. The recent suicide of 20-year old Alex Kearns over an experience he had on the application has sparked discussions on how Robinhood can better inform and guide their users to make educated trading decisions.

Of all the tools available, the I Know First algorithm ranks high in being able to augment investment decisions to increase accuracy and lower risk. Providing a new package for top stocks trading on the Robinhood platform, the algorithm is able to cater to the custom choice of the user’s portfolio, providing forecasting solutions to Robinhood users in their trading careers. By using the predictive power of the algorithm which has a proven history of consistent accuracy, Robinhood users can apply it in conjunction with their own analysis to avoid future pitfalls.

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Making Sense of the Chaos: How Algorithmic Trading Increases Investor Returns

Relying solely on human judgment often leads to errors, especially when investing in the stock market. It is a common misconception that the stock market and all other derivative investments are unpredictable due to their seemingly random nature. In truth, these asset markets are chaotic systems which, although difficult, can be analyzed and predicted through various uses of chaos theory models.

The I Know First algorithm has a proven track record of applying chaos theory in its analysis of the stock market to make precise investment decisions, even in times when other investors experienced losses. Built on solely empirical and historical data, the algorithm is void of human derived assumptions. The process by which it tries to understand the market continuously evolves, learning from its mistakes and applying corrections in further findings. In order to better grasp the system they are trading in, it is imperative that investors use power such as that of the I Know First algorithm to enhance their toolbox of analytical instruments for future investing.

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eBay Stock Forecast: The Undervalued Stock That Will Grow into Post-pandemic

In the past six months alone, eBay stock price has spiked up 59.31%, a boost mainly attributable to the recent Coronavirus pandemic. With the online retail market expected to grow to a whopping $6.5 trillion by 2023, eBay is poised to take a great boost from this as they hold their number two position in popularity among online retailers.

Beating EPS expectations for the past four quarters, eBay has shown a consistently larger profitability ratio that its competitors. Although its relatively low growth rate is partly due to this reason, as other retailers like Amazon pour their profits in R&D, eBay has historically shown that they hold outstanding earning capabilities. Furthermore, with the planned sale of their classified division for around $8 billion, eBay is poised to have significant cash on hand to expand in the coming future. Due to all these factors and a strong 1-year bullish forecast by the I Know First algorithm, eBay remains a buy into the coming year.

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Stock Research: How To Get the Most From Revolut Trading Using AI Stock Forecast?

The fast-growing British fintech bank, Revolut, has provided its users with money management and wealth building applications, including commission-free and fractional stock purchasing abilities on their trading platform. With easier access to trading assets such as commodities and crypto, Revolut users can start investing with little starting funds and low barriers to entry. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that new investors know the risks of investing in public markets and are able to make informed trades.

The application’s users cannot get useful stock insights from the Revolut trading platform itself. To mitigate this, they must conduct their own research and construct a trading strategy of their own. In order to help alleviate this workload, the I Know First predictive algorithm is able to provide custom forecasts for any assets, including top stocks, to Revolut users. This analytical tool is a powerful addition to any investor to increase their set of analytical instruments in order to make accurate and consistent trading decisions.

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Microsoft Stock Forecast: Cash Your Huge Profit on Microsoft

From the previous April 6 buy recommendation on Microsoft, the tech giant’s stock price increased from $160 to $206.26 as of July 2, beating the predicted price target of $205. Recently, setting a new 52-week high of $208.02, Microsoft has given a 28% return in two months. Current stock value is fairly valued, with the YTD gain of MSFT now standing at 29.80% 

Investors should cash out profits on Microsoft in order to avoid the market taking back any returns gained in recent months. Although Microsoft is not poised to make a similar climb in stock price for 2020, its decision to close retail stores due to the recent pandemic and shutdown Mixer because of its low profitability is set to give the company increased profitability going into the near future.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear Readers, 

Netflix stock has continued its march to new heights ahead of its June quarter earnings report this coming June 16. Analysts have been ratcheting up expectations as the streaming giant’s report release date gets closer, with this trend continuing Friday with a bullish note from Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry. The I Know First predictive algorithm correctly identified NFLX as the best tech opportunity already one month ago, almost 1 month before Goldman Sachs’s forecast. Since this forecast, Netflix stock has jumped up 28%. Furthermore, the forecast showed that AMZN, ADBE, and EBAY all had returns of 25.10%, 20.26%, and 23.63%, respectively.

In general, the tech sector was leading the market in returns this past month. In the Tech Giants Stock Forecast, the 3-day forecast showed NFLX, TSM, and EBAY with returns of 11.27%, 5.17%, and 3.98%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 3.8%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 3 times! In the 7-day forecast, IAC, AMZN, and NFLX all had returns of 23.39%, 13.52%, and 11.37%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 9.41%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by 3.74%! In the 14-day forecast, IAC, NFLX, and AMZN all had returns of 27.70%, 23.76%, and 18.83%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 13.62%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by 7.77%!

In order to provide this predictive power to you, we are offering two options to get exposure to the tech sector. The two packages are for tech stocks from the entire tech sector without any market cap limit, and the latter package is for tech giant stocks. You can access these two packages by clicking here.

Another notable package from this week is the Robinhood stock pick package. This package includes a daily forecast of the 10 best stock trading opportunities among the top 100 stocks currently being traded by Robinhood platform users. From this package, in the 3-day forecast, VSLR, SQ, and TXMD all had returns of 45.88%, 10.77%, and 10.07%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 7.14%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 14 times! In the 7-day forecast, VSLR, SRNE, and SQ all had returns of 58.59%, 17.66%, and 12.93%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 9.02%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 5 times!

Warmest Regards

Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO

Q&A With I Know First
I Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts And How to Interpret the Numbers

Q: What is the heatmap?
A: The heat map is the agglomeration of all the colors of the stock predictions. An overwhelmingly green heat map suggests the market will generally go up and an overwhelmingly red heat map suggest that the market will generally go down.

Q: What do the colors indicate? 
A: The green boxes signify long predictions and the red boxes signify short predictions. The bright shades denote the strongest predictions. 

Q: What are the arrows (green “up-arrow”/red “down-arrow)?
A: The green “up-arrow” denotes a recommended long position and the red “down-arrow” denotes a recommended short position.

Q. What are the percentages to the right of the arrows? 
A. These are the percent changes in the stocks from the time they were forecast through the end of the time horizon. The percentage changes are positive if the stock increases and negative if the stock decreases.

Q How should I use the S&P 500 Forecast? 
A. The S&P 500 is a great representation of the general US stock market. If the algorithm predicts that the S&P 500 will go up, then it is a good sign that the stock market will generally increase. If the predictability for the S&P 500 is relatively weak, then it is important to be cautious, as the algorithm is unconfident about the direction of the stock market.

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Commodities, Gold & Currencies

Gold Based on Deep Learning:
Returns up to 3.44% in 3 Days

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Gold Price Based on Big Data: 
Returns up to 4.01% in 7 Days
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Gold Based on Algo Trading:
Returns up to 4.77% in 14 Days
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Currency Forecast by AI 
65.38% Hit Ratio in 3 Days
July 12 |
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Forex Market Forecast:
63.46% Hit Ratio in 14 Days
July 12 |
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Exchange Rate Forecast:
73.08% Hit Ratio in 1 Month
July 12 | Read More

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Weekly Apple Stock Update

This week’s Apple Stock News discusses Apple’s delayed release for the iPhone due to Corona, its newly released contact tracing API, and announced expansion of its Independent Repair Provider Program.

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, Apple’s ability to supply products has diminished. Reliance on Chinese factories has cause hiccups in product delivery and travel restrictions have delayed testing of new iPhones. Bloomberg speculates that the new iPhone 12 announcement will be delayed a month, with the Wall Street Journal anticipating sales to be available only next year.

Despite rumors of Apple and Google uploading a tracking app in all iPhones for contact tracing, the truth is that the last iOS update installed an application programming interface (API). This API, created in conjunction with Google, allows the use of Bluetooth to send and receive identifiers, and store them upon reception. Identifiers are random numbers, changing every 10-20 minutes for user privacy, and checked daily to see if they belong to someone who is Coronavirus positive. Part of a two-phase plan, this API can be used to see if one has been in contact with someone who is positive for Coronavirus.

With their Independent Repair Provider Program launched in the US this past fall, Apple is announcing expansion to more locations in the US, and plans to open in Canada and Europe. Independent repair companies can join with an Apple-certified technician on hand, receiving free training and genuine Apple Parts for repairs.

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