I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: August 20th, 2020

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Weekly Newsletter | August 20th, 2020

Good morning, I Know First universe.


We’re happy to share our best article and stock prediction of the week:

  • Top Trade Ideas – Coronavirus Stock Market Opportunities Based on Pattern Recognition: Returns up to 853.07% in 3 Months
Beat the Market with AI Powered Predictive Algorithm: Top 20 Stock Picks for This Week

Need To Know First!

  • Strong Buy Stocks Based on Pattern Recognition: Returns up to 17.28% in 3 Days

  • Top S&P 500 Stocks Based on Machine Learning: Returns up to 30.35% in 7 Days

  • Best Stocks Under 10 Based on Big Data Analytics: Returns up to 82.64% in 14 Days
  • Consumer Stocks Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 160.78% in 1 Month
  • Strong Buy Stocks Based on Genetic Algorithms: Returns up to 208.23% in 1 Year

  • Tesla (TSLA) Stock is up 20.85% since July 9, 2020 as Tesla beats Q2 sales expectations and solar panel price reductions strengthen Tesla’s solar energy business.

  • Apple (AAPL) Stock is up 30.68% since June 19, 2020 as Apple meets $330 price target set last May 10 and ARM-based processors rumored to be in next-gen iMacs.

  • Applied Materials (AMAT) Stock returns up to 8.89% since July 16, 2020 as operating costs rise in conjunction with R&D and the growing semi-conductor industry.

Weekly Winning Forecasts

3 Days

Top Options Picks: 9.13% Average
Small Cap Stocks: 21.67% Return
Strong Buy Stocks: 17.28% Yield

7 Days

Stocks Under 10: 26.27% Average
Top S&P 500 Picks: 30.35% Return
Top 10 Stock Picks: 18.15% Yield

14 Days

Best of Small Cap: 19.68% Average
Top in Technology: 81.73% Yield
Top S&P 500 Picks: 35.67% Return
1 Month

Top Retail Stocks: 55.65% Average
Aggressive Stocks: 154.54% Return
Top Volatile Options: 131.09% Yield

3 Months

Top Aggressive Picks: 143.5% Avg
Coronavirus Stocks: 853.07% Yield
Best of Options: 383.73% Return

1 Year

Top Options Picks: 75.85% Average
Best Stocks To Buy: 208.23% Yield
Technology Stocks: 196.42% Return
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Snippets From Our Top Blog Posts For The Week:

Stay Ahead Of The Curve: AI Weekly

Best Dividend Stocks: Grow Your Wealth Steadily With Dividend Investing

Dividends, shares of profit that are paid out to shareholders by a corporation, can provide a steady flow of income to investors. Due to their consistency in paying out to their holders, dividend paying stocks are often more stable and profitable than non-dividend paying stocks. For this reason, they are more likely to gain over the long-term.

For traders to take advantage of dividends they need to take into account the ex-dividend date, or the day the stock needs to be bought before in order to qualify for a dividend payment. Additionally, investors should take note of dividend-paying stocks during economic downturns, when firms that have strong rebound strategies and consistent dividend payments often recover quicker than the rest of the market. In order to better understand how to identify such companies, the I Know First predictive algorithm can help narrow down the choice to a concise selection of accurate predictions.

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Nvidia Stock Forecast: ARM Holdings May Boost Nvidia’s Stock Over $460

Last June 9, Nvidia (NVDA) was given a price target of $388. Currently trading above $460, indicators show that NVDA will remain a buy into the near future. Attempting to purchase ARM Holdings from SoftBank Group, Nvidia may see a gain upwards of over $460. Since ARM Holdings is the intellectual property license holder for ARM processors, Nvidia will obtain such license if the acquisition goes through.

This license will allow Nvidia to produce ARM processors for drones, surveillance cameras, smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, and smart phones among other devices. In addition to this portfolio expansion, Nvidia continues to be profitable. These two reasons coupled with the I Know First forecast which gives Nvidia a strong 1-year bullish prediction is the reason Nvidia remains a strong buy. This prediction is given credibility by the Nvidia forecast evaluation report, which reports hit ratios above 50% for all time frames, and a hit ratio of 100% accuracy for all 1-year NVDA price forecasts.

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Algorithmic Trading: I Know First Strategy Tutorial

The I Know First predictive algorithm has a historically high predictability and accurate consistency in predicting various asset classes. However, it is important for traders not to trade by blindly following the forecast’s predictions. For this reason, the I Know First team has provided a tutorial on how investors can implement trading strategies alongside the forecasts to optimize returns and minimize risks.

The videos outline what trading methods can be used in conjunction with the trading model developed by Dr. Roitman. It is highly recommended that upon trying these strategies or using one’s own, investors review their historical data and trades to see what pitfalls could be avoided in future investing.

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Coronavirus Stocks: Daily Forecast Evaluation Report

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic causing many industries and the stock market in general to experience significant decline, investors have sought some way to identify opportunities for returns while mitigating risk. Luckily, the I Know First predictive algorithm has been able to do so, with the daily forecast evaluation report revealing that all Coronavirus stock signal groups (Top 20, Top 10, Top 5) outperformed the S&P 500 index in every time horizon.

This consistent accuracy which saw long position hit ratios above 50% for all time frames is only effective when utilized by the trader correctly. Investors must be able to identify threats and opportunities that arise during the pandemic, including which industries are failing and which are seeing massive gains from the recent crisis. By augmenting proven machine learning methods with strong due diligence on the trader’s part, investors can learn to beat the stock markets and Coronavirus with AI.

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Volatility Trading: Are You Ready to Beat The Crowd with I Know First?

Trading volume is a measurement of how much an asset has traded in a specific period of time. Both trading volume and volatility trading can indicate market trends as well as potential price movements for financial assets. A rising market for example expects rising volume, since buyers require more bulls in the market and increasing enthusiasm. A soon to be bearish market may see a rise in price but decreased volume, showing lack of interest.

In order to help investors better identify these trends, I Know First has provided a new forecast for trading volume, allowing for more accurate decisions when implementing the volatility trading strategy. Now investors can identify volume changes before the market does, utilizing artificial intelligence to augment their own trading methods.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear Readers,

This week the S&P 500 gained 0.64%, its third positive week straight. Similarly, the Dow rose 1.8%, with the Nasdaq relatively lagging behind with only a modest 0.1% climb since Friday’s close. Given these market returns, what stocks did the I Know First Predictive Algorithm select as top opportunities?

KIRK jumped over 6% on Friday and has risen over 160% since a bullish forecast one month ago! In this 1-month forecast, BGFV and OSTK also saw returns of 160.78% and 123.03%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 55.65%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 8 times! This was not the only forecast that KIRK could be found in. Since the 14-day forecast, KIRK saw a gain of 75%! Similarly, OSTK and NBR both saw returns of 52.36% and 32.73%, relatively. The total average return of the forecast was 19.68%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 3 times! Since the 7-day forecast, KIRK saw a gain of 22%! Similarly, BLDR and DDS both saw returns of 14.27% and 12.46%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 8.30%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 11 times! Since the 3-month forecast, KIRK saw a gain of 850%! Similarly, NVAX and NTZ both saw returns of 282.53% and 116.22%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 143.50%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 7 times!

Among other high gainers that the stock algorithm identified this week were MGM and BLDR, both gaining 18.15% and 14.27% in the 7-day forecast, respectively. Similarly, PBI, PEIX, and PBPB all saw returns of 82.64%, 45.53%, and 21.14% in the 14-day forecast, respectively.

Goldman Sachs was quoted this week saying that the S&P 500 index could hit 3,600 if markets price in a “comparatively more optimistic US GDP forecast”. That is nearly 7% higher than what the index traded on Friday. This prediction by Goldman Sachs is in line with that of other world renowned market strategists as well as the I Know First Predictive Algorithm.

How does one take advantage of this bullish S&P 500 forecast? What are the best opportunities to capitalize on? To better identify these chances at profit, one can use artificial intelligence. Join here to unlock the the most promising potential that machine learning has to offer the stock markets.

Warmest Regards

Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO

Q&A With I Know First
I Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts And How to Interpret the Numbers

Q. What is the forecast date?
A. The forecast date is the date the algorithm released this set of predictions.

Q. What is the time horizon?
A. The time horizon is the suggested period of time to hold the suggested stocks. When we calculate the forecast performance, we do so from the forecast date through the end of the time horizon.

Q. What do the colors indicate?
A. The green boxes signify long predictions and the red boxes signify short predictions. The bright shades denote the strongest predictions.

Q. What is the accuracy (checks and x marks)?
A. If the algorithm correctly predicts the direction of a stock’s movement, a check mark is placed next to the stock’s return and if the algorithm is incorrect in its prediction, an x mark is placed next to the stock’s return.

Q. What is the return?
A. The return is the percentage movement of each stock multiplied by 1 if the algorithm suggested a long position or multiplied by negative 1 if the algorithm suggested a short position. In other words if the algorithm correctly predicts the direction of the stock, the return is the positive percentage change of the stock, and if the algorithm incorrectly predicts the direction of the stock, the return is the negative percentage change of the stock. The return is the last end of the day price at the target date of the forecast VS the price when the forecast was sent (the end of the day price of the previous day).
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Commodities, Gold & Currencies

Gold Based on Deep Learning:
Returns up to 12.91% in 14 Days

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Gold Price Based on Big Data:
Returns up to 47.59% in 1 Month

August 16 | Read More

Gold Based on Algo Trading:
Returns up to 14.74% in 3 Months

August 16 | Read More
Currency Forecast by AI:
75.0% Hit Ratio in 3 Days
August 16 |
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Forex Market Forecast:
65.38% Hit Ratio in 7 Days
August 16 |
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Exchange Rate Forecast:
61.54% Hit Ratio in 14 Days
August 16 |
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Weekly Apple Stock Update

This week’s Apple Stock News discusses the new iPhone 12, Donald Trump’s ban on WeChat, and Apple’s API adoption internationally.

The iPhone 12’s release date comes closer as more leaks provide information on the new device. Komiya, a top industry insider, revealed that the A14 chipset will see a 40% increase in CPU and 50% increase in GPU, compared to its A13 predecessor. Although previously it was thought that all new models will run on 5G, there has been news of of a potential 4G model in production which is set to be available for purchase in early 2021.

Donald Trump has recently issued an executive order against WeChat. Used by nearly 1.7 billion Chinese citizens, the app acts as a one-stop-shop for many daily tasks including news, government resources, payments, and communication. Making up 15% of Apple’s revenue, China is an important market for both Apple’s growth and current revenue. Banning the app and forcing Apple to take it down from its app store will likely give Apple operational setbacks. Due to its users’ high reliance on the app, an iPhone would be essentially useless without WeChat for its users. As a result, Apple may see significant decreases in iPhone shipments to China.

Contact tracing has been crucial during the Coronavirus pandemic as a way of controlling the spread of the virus. As a result, Apple and Google cooperated to make an exposure notification API which can be used in contact tracing applications. Since its May release, this API has seen implementation in 16 countries. With more countries using this API for their own contact tracing apps, an Oxford study posits that a country’s infections can decrease if only 20-40% of the population uses similar apps.

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