I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: April 9th, 2020

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Weekly Newsletter | April 9th, 2020

Good morning, I Know First universe.

We’re happy to share our best article and stock prediction of the week:

  • Top Trade Ideas – Best Sustainable Companies’ Stocks Based on Machine Learning: Returns up to 40.91% in just 14 Days
 Top Stock Picks For This Week Based On AI 
New Forecasting Package
US Indices for Day Trading

We utilize our proprietary AI-powered predictive algorithm to help you beat the market despite the volatile conditions. We are introducing the stock indices short term package. This new US indices short term model for day trading includes forecasts for one day to six days. This package includes daily forecast for SPY, S&P 500, VIX, Nasdaq and Dow Jones.

Click Here to Access our US Indices Short Term Forecast for Day Trading
New Forecasting Package
Top 10 Opportunities for Most Active Stocks Options
Given the market’s volatility we are presenting our new product for options trading. Our predictive algorithm will identify the Top 10 Opportunities from the Most Active Stocks Options. 

Need to Know First!

  • Best Stocks To Buy Based on Predictive Analystics: Returns up to 16.39% in 14 Days
  • Stocks to Short Based On Data Mining: 54.08% Gains In Just 1 Month
  • AMD has jumped 59.21% since April 3 3, 2019 following our explanation about how increases in cloud based video gaming would benefit AMD’s Radeon GPU business.
  • Microsoft (MSFT) is up 28.27%since April 9,2019 when I Know First highlighted how the company was focusing on becoming a serious digital service provider.
  • Netflix (NFLX) has generated returns of 32.61% since this bullish forecast elaborating on how Netflix would continue to dominate the streaming world with original content despite increased competition. 

Weekly Winning Forecasts

3 Days

Aggressive Stocks: 28.22% Return
Top Pharma Stocks: 22.17.% Yield

Utilities Stocks: 7.40% Yield

7 Days

Top Stocks to Short: 54.13% Return
Sustainable Companies: 25.7% Avg 
High Risk Stocks: 46.47% Yield

14 Days

Options Forecast: 56.85% Yield
Top 10 Stocks: 16.39% Return
Sustainable Stocks: 14.7% Avg

1 Month

Japanese Stocks: 111.45% Yield
Indices Prediction: 31.41% Average
Top Stocks to Short: 54.08% Return

3 Months

52 Week Low Stocks: 84.7% Return
Stocks Under $5: 48.01% Average
Top Insider Trades: 60.43% Yield

1 Year

Top 10 Stocks: 49.84% Return
Best Tech Stocks: 19.76% Average
Stocks Under $50: 93.12% Yield

☆ Beat Corona with AI: Top 10 Stock Picks For April + Top 10 Stocks for the Short Position

Snippets From Our Top Blog Posts For The Week:

Stay Ahead Of The Curve: AI Weekly

NVDA Stock Forecast; COVID-19 Is Also Boosting Nvidia’s Topline

It is irrational that investors keep pummeling down Nvidia’s stock due to their growing fears over COVID-19. Nvidia does relies on Chinese factories to build its products. However, China’s manufacturing index for March 2020 showed an expansion. The China-centric supply chain problem that fabless firms like Nvidia probably faced due to COVID-19 is no longer valid. The drop in February was because of the quarantine-induced closure of China factories. Going forward, investors should stop thinking that Nvidia has a supply-chain problem due to COVID-19.

The reality now is that Nvidia’s production of PC and server-grade graphics processors is not hampered by COVID-19. Retail stores are shuttered in many countries imposing quarantines. On the other hand, online retailers still operate and deliver to quarantined customers. Additionally, the obvious surge in video game activities from billions of people being quarantined to stay at home will increase revenue to Nvidia’s gaming segment. Moreover, the work-from-home initiatives of many companies will also force them to buy more powerful laptops/computers for use by their employees at home. On top of that, another near-term tailwind is that Chinese regulators will likely approve Nvidia’s $7 billion offer to buy Mellanox (MLNX). The high-speed Ethernet and data center switches of Mellanox will allow Nvidia to rely less on GPU sales. It will also help Nvidia disrupt competitors and maintain its strength. Overall, Nvidia still has a bright future despite recent drops.

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Predicting Chaos: The Story Behind One of Israel’s Most Advanced Fintech AI Start-Ups

Artificial intelligence technology is virtually omnipresent today. The rise of AIs has already transformed whole industries, including the financial sector. Finance applies AI to algorithmic trading: the idea that advanced AI may be able to assist the investors by predicting market dynamics with enough precision to make consistent profit. And while many advanced machine learning models developed for this purpose stay outside the reach of the general public, others are eager to make AI-driven trading available to a broader audience. 

One of the leaders in this sphere is the Israel-based company I Know First. With its powerful cloud-based AI capable of predicting the price dynamics for more than 10,000 financial assets including stocks, ETFs, world indices, commodities, and currencies, it offers its forecasts to private and institutional investors alike. The story of I Know First’s success, however, did not begin in the realm of finance. Instead, I Know First was created from chemistry.

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Apple Stock Predictions: I Know First Forecast Evaluation Report

In this forecast evaluation report, we examine the performance of the Apple stock forecast generated by the I Know First AI Algorithm for the AAPL stock with time horizons ranging from 3 days to 1 year, which were delivered daily to our clients. Our analysis covers the time period from 23 January 2019 to 23 March 2020

There were many highlights found. For example, there is a 100% Hit Ratio for 1-year time period for AAPL stock forecast allowing our clients to be able to invest their money with significantly less risk. On top of that, across other time horizons, predictions consistently hit above 65% accuracy despite volatile market conditions. The evaluation report illustrates the ability of the proprietary I Know First machine learning algorithm to provide successful forecasts for one of the top tech stocks, Apple.

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Algorithmic Trading: The New I Know First Interactive User Interface

Here at I Know First we take our subscribers input very seriously. One of the things we’ve heard from subscribers is that they would like a more interactive interface when looking at the I Know First Daily Market Forecasts, so our R&D team has been hard at work to make this happen. As a result, we are excited to announce our new interface to make the lives of our subscribers easier. 

The new interface supports your particular strategy and can automate many processes to increase the forecasts’ potency to be a decision support tool. If you’re still curious about what this means, you can checkout this walkthrough of the new interface to see it in action! The new highly interactive interface is available to all annual subscribers. If you are a monthly subscriber and want to receive these features simply contact our analysts to help with the upgrade and assist with any remaining questions. If you are an existing annual subscriber, you can automatically add the new features.

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Facebook Stock Forecast: FB Has A Tailwind From COVID-19 Pandemic

The mandatory stay-home quarantine act of many countries has been a big boost to Facebook’s advertising business. Even so, Facebook (FB) is another collateral damage victim of the massive COVID-19 pandemic panic sell-off. While physical stores are shuttered in many cities/municipalities today, online shopping is still going strong even in countries with total lockdown policies. Facebook and its many apps are therefore the ideal ad platforms where big and small grocery/food companies can attract online orders. The stay-home situation of billions of people right now will also compel app developers/app managers to increase their ad spending on Facebook’s industry-leading app install advertising ser

Facebook benefits a lot from government-mandated quarantines over COVID-19 fears. There are now billions of workers, students, and citizens that are forced to stay at home. You should go long (or buy more FB shares) because Facebook’s total addressable market for targeted ads was enlarged thanks to COVID-19.The current pandemic also helps grow Facebook’s Workplace service and Portal TV products. Facebook is currently undervalued because of the illogical panic over COVID-19, but has high potential for the future.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear Readers, 

While it has been a tough time in the market, our proprietary machine learning algorithm has still been able to identify successful stocks across the board. For example, the best pharmaceutical stocks were a highlight with 22.17% returns in just 3 days, the top 10 S&P stocks identified by our AI returned 16.39% in 14 days, and our stocks to short package gained 54.08% in 1 month! On top of that, in light of the turblulent times, we have identified and explained COVID-19 threats and opportunities and created a new special prediction: the Coronavirus stock market package.

This week we are launching two near additional AI based product in order to help you beat the market despite the challenging conditions. First, we are introducing the stock indices short term package. For the first time this will be accessible to our retail clients in addition to our institutional clients! This new short term model for day trading in the US indices includes forecasts for one day to six days. This package includes daily forecast for SPY, S&P 500, VIX and also Nasdaq, Dow Jones. You can join here! Our second new addition is a new product for options trading which has become very popular given the market’s volatility. Our predictive algorithm will identify the Top 10 Opportunities from the Most Active Stocks Options! You can get access here.

Warmest Regards

Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO

Q&A With I Know First
I Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts And How to Interpret the Numbers

Q: What is the time horizon?
A: The time horizon is the suggested period of time to hold the suggested stocks. When we calculate the forecast performance, we do so from the forecast date through the end of the time horizon.

Q: What do the colors indicate? 
A: The green boxes signify long predictions and the red boxes signify short predictions. The bright shades denote the strongest predictions. 

Q: What are the arrows (green “up-arrow”/red “down-arrow)?
A: The green “up-arrow” denotes a recommended long position and the red “down-arrow” denotes a recommended short position.

Q How should I use the predictability and signals? 
A. It is recommended that investors consider both the signal strength and predictability, as a highly predictable stock that barely moves and an unpredictable stock that is projected to move drastically both make unattractive investments.

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Exchange Rate Predictions:
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Weekly Apple Stock Update

This week’s Apple Stock News discusses the top tech firm’s latest acquisition and the company’s decision to double its donation to China.

On the Chinese social media Weibo, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that the company’s donation to China’s effort against COVID-19 will rise to over 50 million yuan ($7 million). Recently, Apple started reopening its stores in the country and saw its stock trending up in the last week.

Additionally, according to Bloomberg, Apple acquired the startup Voysis. Voysis, founded in Dublin, Ireland, is a startup based on artificial intelligence that tries to understand better the people’s natural language by using a developed digital voice assistants platform. This could be incorporated into Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, or one of the many projects Apple is always working on.

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