I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: April 28th, 2021

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Weekly Newsletter | April 28th, 2021

Good morning, I Know First universe.
We’re happy to share our best article and stock prediction of the week:
  • Top Trade Ideas – Best Mid Cap Stocks Based on Deep Learning: Returns up to 42.23% in 3 Days
Top 10 Stocks to Buy Today Based on AI Predictive Algorithm + Top 10 Aggressive Stock Picks

Need To Know First!

  • Best Mid Cap Stocks Based on Deep Learning: Returns up to 42.23% in 3 Days
  • Chemical Stocks Based on Stock Prediction Algorithm: Returns up to 12.17% in 7 Days
  • Strong Buy Stocks Based on Big Data: Returns up to 18.6% in 14 Days
  • Strong Buy Stocks Based on Deep-Learning: Returns up to 20.95% in 1 Month
  • Best Hedge Fund Stocks Based on AI: Returns up to 363.01% in 3 Months
  • Best Hedge Fund Stocks Based on a Self-learning Algorithm: Returns up to 3268.24% in 1 Year
  • Applied Material (AMAT) Stock returns up to 118.89% since July 16, 2020, as continuous growth in their supporting market segments gives them increased stability against the cyclical semiconductor industry.
  • HP (HPQ) Stock returns up to 93.70% since July 21, 2020, as it becomes the second-largest vendor in the PC market and achieved strong sales growth in Q2.
  • Google (GOOGL) Stock returns up to 69.07% since June 28, 2020, as companies who won’t place ads on Facebook had an extra marketing budget spent on YouTube, Google Search, and AdSense-using websites/apps.

Best Investment Opportunities For Q2

At the beginning of 2021, we offered the top stock picks for this year Now, our predictive algorithm analyzed the most attractive assets for the second quarter of the year.

For the first quarter, we saw impressive results from our Aggressive Stocks forecast. The AI predicted correctly returns of 226.22%, 275.35%, and 211.06% from RIOT, MARA, and OCGN respectively. The package average stood at 99.46%, providing our clients with a premium of 93.25% over the S&P 500.

Our Hedge Fund Stocks package also had an impressive result for the Q1. GME, also the best stock in the period, returned 916.19% in the time horizon. Let’s not make it outshine other returns such as PDCE’s 72.21% and OXY’s 58.17%. The package average yield, an incredible 120.86%, was miles higher than the 7.02% registered by the S&P 500.

In general, you can see that our algorithm had excellent results in the first quarter of 2021.

To help you filter through all the different forecasts we have, I Know First’s Research Department has compiled the most recommended investment avenues for the second quarter of 2021. The outlook is based on the most prominent assets the algorithm will find for the coming year. The forecast includes the top 3 stocks for the second quarter, best S&P 500 stock, best aggressive stock, Best dividend stocks, Best mega stocks, best ETFs, the most up-to-date S&P 500 Forecast, Nasdaq forecast, updated Bitcoin forecast, and more!

You can get access to this report today so you can know first what the biggest winners of 2021 will be!

Weekly Winning Forecasts

3 Days
Stocks Under $10: 44.81% Return
High Short Interest: 30.52% Yield
Top 10 Stocks: 3.87% Average

7 Days
Medicine Stocks: 24.45% Yield
Chemicals Stocks: 5.53% Average
Stocks Under $20: 39.11% Return
14 Days
Medical Stocks: 8.57% Average
Chemical Stocks: 16.07% Yield
Strong Buy Stocks: 18.6% Return
1 Month
Consumer Stocks: 24.32% Return
Top 10 Stocks: 12.78% Average
ETF To Buy: 21.31% Yield

3 Months
Consumer Stocks: 62.78% Average
Hedge Fund Stocks: 363.01% Yield
Top 10 Stocks: 34.15% Return
1 Year
Low P/B Stocks: 3062.55% Return
Consumer Stocks: 429.8% Average
Hedge Fund Stocks: 3268.2% Yield
☆ Top 10 Stocks to Buy Today: Predicting This Week’s Winning Stocks By Using Deep-Learning ☆

Snippets From Our Top Blog Posts For The Week:

Stay Ahead Of The Curve: AI Weekly

AMAT Stock Forecast: Where is the Limit for Stock Exponential Growth?

Applied Materials, Inc is a global company with a broad set of capabilities in materials engineering. The Company offer consulting, spare parts, services, automation software, upgrades, and legacy equipment to improve the performance and productivity of the customer’s equipment and fab operations.

I take a buy-side on AMAT stock because the stock holds a positive DCF forecast resulting in a $156 target price, i.e., around 19% upside potential. Currently, AMAT stock is being traded with lower price ratios among comparable companies. Applied Materials has a large portfolio of technologies to create, shape, modify, analyze and connect chip structures and devices.

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Growing Rich 2.0: AI-Based Tools For Wealth Managers

The sphere of wealth management, which is all about making your customer richer in the most absolute terms, is going through some dramatic changes. Facing a world where the use of high-tech financial services is on the rise and new and unexpected competition from Robo-advisors, AI-based services that are just as eager to help people get richer – but instead of humans, they would put an AI behind the wheel.

As far as the latter is concerned, one of the leaders in the sphere is an Israeli daily market forecast company called I Know First. Founded by vetted financial professional Yaron Golgher and Dr. Lipa Roitman, a seasoned machine learning expert, the company has trained an AI that picks out trading signals from the most recent market data and models the price dynamics for over 10 000 assets, including stocks, currencies, commodities, and ETFs.

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High Short Interest Stocks: AI Predictive Algorithm Accuracy Up to 69%

In this High short interest rate stocks evaluation report, we examined the performance of the forecasts generated by the I Know First AI Algorithm for long and short positions which were sent daily to our customers. Our analysis covered the time period from January 1st, 2020 until April 1st, 2021. The I Know First algorithm has obtained better performance on the 3-months time horizon. It is also important to note that every signal group across every time horizon gave a hit ratio are above 46% and up to 69%, showing a consistent and reliable accuracy.

This can be seen in our last report. The algorithm correctly predicted 8 out of 10 of the suggested trades in the High Short Interest Stocks Package for this 14 Days forecast. The greatest return came from RUBY at 95.46%. The suggested trades for GME and DVAX also had notable 14 Days yields of 41.2% and 33.62%, respectively. The High Short Interest Stocks package had an overall average return of 17.62%, providing investors with a premium of 15.05% over the S&P 500’s return of 2.57%.

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KSS Stock Forecast: Activist Investors ‘Wakeup Call’ Signals Start of a Change

Kohl’s Corporation is an American department store retail chain. With more than 1,100 stores in 49 states and the online convenience of Kohls.com and the Kohl’s App, Kohl’s offers national and exclusive brands nationwide.

I take the buy-side on KSS stock because it has a solid market position in recent years. It is reasonable to expect further growth of KSS stock price as the rollout of the vaccinations in the US and worldwide directly impacts the revenue.

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Algorithmic Trading: The New I Know First Interactive User Interface

I Know First R&D team is happy to announce that we support a highly interactive user interface to support your strategy and automate processes. This guide will review some of the new features and how to use them.

These new features are available to all annual subscribers.

If you are a monthly subscriber and want to receive these features simply contact our analysts HERE. They will help you with the upgrade and assist you with any remaining questions. Existing annual subscribers can add the new features free of charge, please also contact our analysts for assistance with it.

Read more.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear clients,

The S&P 500 closed this turbulent week with just a 0.1% loss. Meanwhile, both the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq fell 0.5% and 0.3% for the week, respectively. But how was the I Know First algorithm performance in this period?

In our Best Mid Cap Stocks package, the AI predicted correctly 9 out of 10 stock movements. WBT was the highlight of the package with a 42.23% return, while the package average hit 8.85%. This return was eight times higher than the S&P 500 in the same 3 days period.

Considering a 7 days timeframe, our Medicine Stocks package had impressive results. CLDX and ISRG excelled with 24.45% and 12.20% returns respectively. The package average return, 5.58%, was way higher than the 0.77% the S&P 500 delivered in the period.

The Top 10 Stocks package was also a highlight in a 14 days period. The 18.60% and 12.55% returns from HOG and GGB helped the package average to say at 4.29%. Again, it was a better overall return than the 1.35% return from S&P 500 in the period.

In a longer time horizon, the AI also performed great. The Top 10 Stocks in a 1-month period registered even better results. The prediction with the highest return was DXC, at 20.95%, while the overall average return was 12.78%. The AI provided investors with a 5.30% premium over the S&P 500’s return of 7.48% during the same period.

At the same time, we saw Bitcoin currency and blockchain technology entering the consciousness of many investors in the last year. It has been hard to ignore the incredible rise of the currency lately.

In January 2020, the currency exchange rate was $8,300 per unit. Today, as of this moment, the value of the cryptocurrency is $50,000. I Know First’s forecasting algorithm provides daily forecasts for more than 10,000 assets in the capital market, including a number of cryptocurrencies. By using the I Know First algorithm, it is possible to identify the best cryptocurrencies to invest right now.

Back In April 2020, the algorithm produced a positive and strong signal of buying the Bitcoin currency for a period of one year ahead, when the currency exchange rate was still around $9,000.

In addition, you can see here the bullish forecast for the currency for a period of 3 months. The forecast was made in September 2020, just before the big leap made 3 months thereafter.

Following the accurate predictions and popularity on the part of customers, we decided to add ten more types of cryptocurrencies to the Bitcoin package. This includes Ethereum, BNB, Litcoin, Steller, and more.

This package’s performance has been impressive, both for the period of the last 3 months and also for the short term.

As our client, you can have access to a package that includes a daily forecast for Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies. Click here to see more information about it.

Also, our clients receive a special benefit of a 20% off on the commissions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange-Binance. You just need to click here to claim your discount!

If you want to check all the variety of packages we offer alongside cryptocurrency forecasts, click here.

Warmest Regards

Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
Q&A With I Know First
I Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts And How to Interpret the Numbers
Q. What is the time horizon?
A. The time horizon is the suggested period of time to hold the suggested stocks. When we calculate the forecast performance, we do so from the forecast date through the end of the time horizon.

Q. What do the colors indicate?
A. The green boxes signify long predictions and the red boxes signify short predictions. The bright shades denote the strongest predictions.

Q. How should I use the predictabilities and signals?
A. It is recommended that investors consider both the signal strength and predictability, as a highly predictable stock that barely moves and an unpredictable stock that is projected to move drastically both make unattractive investments.

Q. Which time horizons should I follow?
A. The longer-term forecasts (1-month and 3-month) tend to have higher predictabilities as the algorithm can more easily spot long-term trends. We suggest following these two time horizons the most closely, but the more reactionary shorter term horizons are helpful in understanding the short-term volatility of the market. Perhaps if you see that a stock with a strong, positive 3-month prediction has a negative short-term forecast, it is a good idea to wait until the stock decreases in value before buying it.
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Commodities, Gold & Currencies

Gold Outlook:
Returns up to 0.83% in 3 Days

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Commodity Outlook:
Returns up to 7.44% in 14 Days

April 25 | Read More

Forex Forecast:
65.38% Hit Ratio in 1 Year

April 25 | Read More
Gold Price Forecast:
Returns up to 4.18% in 14 Days
April 25 |
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Currency Forecast:
70.0% Hit Ratio in 14 Days
April 25 |
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Commodity Price Forecast:
Returns up 35.84% in 3 Months
April 25 |
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Weekly Apple Stock Update

This Apple stock news will focus on Apple’s spring event that was held this week. Apple announced a whole slew of new products, including an M1 iMac, an ‌M1‌ iPad Pro, a 4K Apple TV, and AirTags. Also, the next generation of Apple TV 4K was announced. The addition of the A12 Bionic Chip provides a significant boost in graphics performance, video decoding, and audio processing.

Besides, Apple introduced AirTag, a small and elegantly designed accessory that helps keep track of and find the items that matter most with Apple’s Find My app.

Also, according to a report by The Verge, Apple has been targeted in a $50 million ransomware attack following the theft of a trove of engineering and manufacturing schematics of current and future products from Quanta, a Taiwan-based company that manufactures MacBooks and other products for Apple.

Finally, Apple unveiled Podcasts Subscriptions, a global marketplace for listeners to discover premium subscriptions offered by their favorite creators alongside millions of free shows on Apple Podcasts. This move signals that they are ready to take on its major competitor — Spotify — in the race to dominate the podcast industry.

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