I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: April 15, 2019

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Investment Selection Using AI Predictive Algorithm
April 15, 2019

This Week’s Top Article:
AMD Stock Prediction: Why You
Should Stay Long On AMD
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This Week’s Top Stock Prediction:
Impressive AI Based Forecast
Top Insider Stocks
123.08% Return | 3 Months

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Intel Stock Forecast: How Intel Can Hit $65 Next Year
Intel’s stock deserves a $65 price because its 98% market share in server processors is unassailable. INTC still trades below $56. This is pure under-appreciation of Intel’s monopoly on high-margin server and data center processors. This injustice will eventually get corrected once more institutional and hedge fund managers realize that INTC is relatively undervalued compared to its semiconductor peers, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Nvidia (NVDA).

The undervaluation of INTC is even more insulting because it’s a solid dividend-payer. Intel makes so much money from its monopoly on server processors (and dominance of PC processors) that it never missed dividend payments since 1997. Note that Intel also consistently raises its annual payments.
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Stock Market Prediction: Creating A Model For Chaos Mapping and Predictions
The stock market is a complex chaotic system. While markets exhibit many of the properties of chaotic systems, there are also other factors to consider. Market behavior displays aspects of both systemic and random components, which is what allows us to make realistic stock market forecasts with a decent degree of precision. 

Algorithms can be designed to make predictions about the stock market. Machine learning is incorporated into the model and is used for testing and optimizing the solution. As the model is being created, many factors must be considered such as the dimensions of the data and the algorithm’s time complexity. In order to have a workable model, compromises will need to be made in some cases in order to find a balance between speed, precision, and generality. I Know First has successfully created an algorithm to model the stock market and to make predictions on trends in the stock market over 6 different time horizons.
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Stock Predictions Based On AI: Is The Market Truly Predictable?
The majority of people are incredulous about the prospect of using AI to correctly forecast the stock market. They believe the market is too random and therefore, unpredictable. However, the mistake these people make is that they fail to understand that the market is not simply a series of indiscriminate/ arbitrary actions, but rather the combination of all of these individual events form a chaotic system.

Chaotic systems are dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions and arise from a multitude of reasons. One of the primary ways that market acts chaotically is because (despite one of the most basic economic assumptions) people do NOT always act rationally because of psychological concepts like risk aversion in which losses have a greater emotional impact than gains, trend lovers who follow the herd, news bias, and overreaction. 
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Algorithmic Trading: I Know First Interactive Interface
Here at I Know First we take all input and feedback very seriously. One of the things we’ve heard is that many people would like a more interactive interface when looking at the I Know First Daily Market Forecasts, so our R&D team has been hard at work to make this happen. As a result, we are excited to announce our new interface to make our forecasts easier to use. 

The new interface supports your particular strategy and can automate many processes to increase the forecasts’ potency to be a decision support tool. If you’re still curious about what this means, you can checkout this walkthrough of the new interface to see it in action! 
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Adobe Stock Prediction For 2019: AI Is Boosting Adoption of Adobe Software
Adobe Sensei’s cloud artificial platform is successfully helping Creative Cloud software users perform their tasks faster.

AI is helping improve the production rate of content creators, graphic artists, video editors, special FX compositors, and animators fortifies the loyalty of Adobe’s customers. Increasing the number of loyal Creative Cloud paying customers ultimately helps Adobe remain a strong growth stock.
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Dear Readers,

Over the past month, out algorithm had very good returns for the US forecasts. Some standouts have been the top 10 stockssmall cap stockstech sector stocksdividend stocks, and options packages! But as a global solution system, we do not only focus on America in order to find even more opportunities!

One of the most interesting regions over the last 3 months has been China. Luckily, I Know First has major coverage, for not just one stock exchange in this area, but creates predictions for the ShanghaiShenzhen, and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

Warmest Regards
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO


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