I Know First Reviews: May 31st, 2015

I Know First Reviews

The stocks selected here are the top performing stocks from I Know First: Daily Market Forecast’s May 31st, 2015 stock forecast titled “Machine Learning Trading: Up To 102.11% in 3 Months“.

This forecast is part of the “Risk-Conscious” package, as one of I Know First’s quantitative investment solutions. The “I Know First Average” return was 23.36% over 3 months versus the S&P 500’s return of 0.50% over the same time period.

I Know First Reviews

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  SRPTSignal: 155.51

  Predictability: 0.36

  Return: 77.04%

Sarepta Therapeutics, formerly known as AVI BioPharma, is a medical research corporation specializing in biopharmaceutical solutions to genetic mutations and diseases. The company had a signal strength of 155.51 and a predictability indicator of 0.36. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned 77.04% in 3 months. The medical research and development company soared over 50% during the May 20th trading day after it was announced that the FDA had finally approved Sarepta’s refilling plan for its much acclaimed Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug eteplirsen. This news comes after the FDA had already delayed the plan, requesting added data from Sarepta, indicating that the FDA is closer to giving Sarepta a full green light on the development and marketing of its cutting edge drug.
IBN  Signal: 120.69

  Predictability: 0.69

  Return: -4.74%

ICICI Bank in an Indian banking and financial services institution servicing the entire world from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. As India’s second largest private bank, it boasted over 9 billion rupees (1.4 billion US dollars) in gross income in 2014, an increase of almost 8.5% over the previous year.


 Signal: 108.36

 Predictability: 0.37

 Return:  102.11%

As the largest airline in Asia and the sixth largest in the world, China Southern Airlines used its 612 plane fleet to carry 100,919,020 passengers and 1,433,250 tonnes of cargo and mail. The company had a signal strength of 108.36 and a predictability indicator of 0.37. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned 102.11% in 3 months. Like other major airlines, ZHN has immensely enjoyed collapsing oil price around the world, slashing their largest variable expense- fuel costs. Additionally, despite getting clearance from the government to raise fares by 10%, tourism out of China continues to increase, growing 14% over last year’s first quarter, propelled mostly by the middle class.

YHOO Signal: 

 Predictability: 0.42

 Return: 0.24%

Yahoo! Inc. is a large American tech stock known principally for its popular search engine, Yahoo Search. Founded in 1994, Yahoo weathered the infamous Dot-com bubble burst and continued to grow into one of the largest companies internet companies today. The company had a signal strength of 103.36 and a predictability indicator of .42. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned .24% in 3 months. Although Yahoo continues to grow its business services and operations, and continues to grow its profits, the highly publicized prospective spin-off of Yahoo’s stake in Alibaba has been met with uncertainty after the IRS announced impending new rules regarding spin-offs from large corporations.

BIDUSignal : 

Predictability : 0.65

Return: -2.05%

Founded in 2000, Baidu.com is an internet services company, globally recognized as the largest Chinese language search engine. Often ascribed as the “Chinese Google”, Baidu has seen incredible growth, more than tripling its revenues in just three years since 2011.



Signal: 61.01
Predictability: 0.01
Return: -23.86%

Cliffs Natural Resources is an American mining company, mostly working with iron ore and coal. Between its four very separate but very similar divisions (U.S. iron ore, Eastern Canada iron ore, Asia pacific iron ore, and North American coal), Cliffs reached an all time high of 111.32$ a share in 2007, and collapsed all the way through the 2010’s to reach a ten year low of 4.3$.


EW  Signal: 57.83

  Predictability: 0.57

  Return: -2.32%

Edwards Lifesciences Corp is a medical devices firm specializing in eves for the heart like valves and monitoring systems. Edwards’ front end sales operations exist in over 100 countries, but the research and developments mainly happens out of their headquarters in Santa Ana California.




 Signal: 56.92

 Predictability: 0.48

 Return: 84.58%

McDermott international is a multinational maritime oil and gas corporation. Although the company was founded in 1923, it has a unique tint of youthfulness after it’s major financial restructuring in 2010, which saw McDermott spinoff their fossil and nuclear plant manufacturing company Babcock & Wilcox, streamlining their operations and services back to oil and gas. The company had a signal strength of 56.92 and a predictability indicator of .48. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned 84.58% in 3 months. Following a trend of increased activity, McDermott signed a massive second new deal with Saudi Arabia’s state run oil company, Saudi Aramco, which is expected to be completed by 2016. Additionally, shareholders anxiously await the details of another new contracted signed with Brazilian multinational Atlanta Early Production Systems, which should also be completed by 2016


Predictability: 0.57

Return: -15.34%

Gerdau S.A is a Brazilian company that outshines all American companies as the largest producer of steel on that side of the globe, boasting 16 billion dollars of revenue in 2014.



 Signal: 28.98

 Predictability: 0.67

 Return: 17.90%

Weatherford is a large American oil and gas company formerly headquartered in Texas, but relocated its legal headquarters to Switzerland in 2014. Weatherford operations in almost every country outside of Africa, providing a wide variety of products and services such as drilling services, petroleum consulting, and other well services. The company had a signal strength of 28.98 and a predictability indicator of .67. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned 17.9% in 3 months. Weatherford is in the process of divesting from its non core assets, which analysts believe should increase the operational capacity of Weatherford’s strongest assets. Net operating cash flow has already seen the benefits of these changes, increasing 89.65% when compared to the last first quarter.

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