I Know First Review: How will the FED decision affect AMGN?

I Know First Review

I Know First Review

Amgen Inc. (Amgen) is a biotechnology company. The Company is engaged in discovering, developing, manufacturing and delivering human therapeutics. The Company’s sales and marketing forces are located in the United States and Europe. In the United States, it sells its products to pharmaceutical wholesale distributors. The Company also markets certain products directly to consumers through direct-to-consumer print and television advertising, as well as through the Internet.

I Know First also wrote a Seeking Alpha article about Amgen on Sept 24th 2015. The article argued that the company’s stock was Bullish in the long term mainly because Amgen announced that it seeks to enter the cardiovascular disease research and care market. Since that time, the stock price has increased since this forecast the stock price has increased 11%.

Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN), of the Healthcare sector was at a price of 157.86 today, marking a change of -2.21%. Amgen Inc. forecasts a earnings per share growth of 0.90% over the next year. Its return on investment is currently 10.20% and its debt to equity is currently 1.14. Amgen Inc. has a market cap of 121771.49 and its gross margin is 79.80%. Amgen Inc. has a forward P/E of 15.19 and a P/E of 19.29.

One of the clear standouts for Amgen is that it’s delivering exactly as it said it would last year on new product launches. Since last December, Amgen has seen the approval or label expansion of six therapies. When Amgen unveiled its aggressive pipeline projections that called for the release of data on 10 late-stage products by 2016, few investors thought every study would be a success.

Fewer than 3% of biotech stocks pay their shareholders a dividend, but Amgen is truly setting the gold standard when it comes to rewarding its investors. Amgen announced during its conference call that its quarterly dividend will be catapulted higher once again in the upcoming year to $1 per quarter, a 27% increase over what shareholders are currently receiving.

i know first review

(Figure 1: AMGN forecast 11 September ’15)

Since the article from October 13th, AMGN has continued to meet I Know First’s optimistic predictions about the stock by increasing another 7.82%, bringing it to a total of 9.16%, since our forecast until de 29th of October. We can see now that after this date the forecast continues to be right. Even though the stock price has ha its ups and downs the stock is still positive with a rise of o.84% from that date.