I Know First Review: Can MSFT Reach Their Tablet Goal

I Know First Review

I Know First Review

Microsoft Corporation is engaged in developing, licensing and supporting a range of software products and services. The Company also designs and sells hardware, and delivers online advertising to the customers. The Company operates in five segments: Devices and Consumer (D&C) Licensing, D&C Hardware, D&C Other, Commercial Licensing, and Commercial Other. The Company’s products include operating systems for computing devices, servers, phones, and other intelligent devices; server applications for distributed computing environments; productivity applications; business solution applications; desktop and server management tools; software development tools; video games; and online advertising.

I Know First wrote an Article about Microsoft Inc. On Oct 18th, 2015 in accordance to the I Know First algorithmic signal. The article claimed that Microsoft’s platform-agnostic strategy and flexibility to deal with Chinese censorship makes it a better long-term investment than Apple which has shown results in the last three months. Since that time, the stock price has increased 18.50%.

“Estimates from IDC predict that 2016 will be a turning point for Microsoft in the tablet market. The company is expected to grab more than 10% of the tablet market for the first time ever, and keep climbing from there. By 2019, IDC believes that Windows tablets will have nearly 18% of the market, with most of the gains coming at the expense of Android. Meanwhile, iPad market share is expected to remain stagnant”.

Sales in of tablets with detachable keyboards are expected to rise by 75% in 2016. With Microsoft now selling three tablets. This will benefit them a lot.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on call in October that there are already 8 million business PCs running Windows 10 (and 110 million devices total), but that starting the next year the number of sales will increase. “We expect the enterprise deployment to start in earnest the beginning of next calendar year or the second half of this fiscal year,” Nadella said.