I Know First Review: August 16th 2015

I Know First Review

The stocks selected here are the top performing stocks from I Know First: Tech Stocks Yearly Package forecast for 2015 found under the article titled “Algorithmic Trading: Returns of up to 94.02% in One Year”.

This forecast is part of the “Tech Stocks” package, as one of I Know First’s quantitative investment solutions. The “I Know First Average” return for the long position was 32.88% over one year  versus the S&P 500’s return of 7.74% over the same time period.

I know first review

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Signal: 225.73

Predictability: 0.12

Return:  21.49%

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) the world renowned company which specializes in consumer electronics and computer software, has been constantly diversity its brand name in order to achieve dominance in other sectors of the electronic market. The company had a signal strength of 225.73 and a predictability indicator of 0.12. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 21.49%.

The company has announced their latest version of the Apple TV, a powerful television which incorporates an iOS software. Although negotiations with networks such as CBS and Fox have progressed slowly, as Apple is working to find a way to offer a streaming service for around $40 a month. Apple has been working to redefine the television industry for more than a decade, as it was rumored to be the last project undertaken by Steve Jobs.


Signal: 169.31

Predictability: 0.56

Return:  94.02%

The popular view-on-demand website provides hundreds of movies and television shows which are available to stream whenever the consumer wants to do so.  he company had a signal strength of 169.31 and a predictability indicator of 0.56. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 94.02%.

The increase in Netflix’s share prices can be explained by the company recently announcing that it wants to make their service available in 200 countries by 2017, a massive increase on the 50 countries who are currently enjoying their service. In addition, during the second quarter of this year the company  added 3.3 million subscribers, 2.4 million of them being from outside the US.

Signal: 65.64

Predictability: 0.51

Return:  81.82%

Axcelis Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:ACLS)The American company specializes in providing capital equipment for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  The Massachusetts based company had a signal strength of 65.64 and a predictability indicator of 0.51. Moreover, stock prices increased by 81.82% in accordance with the algorithm’s prediction.

The recent surge in the stock price could be explained by the company’s recent announcement  that they have penetrated a new customer with the Purion high current implanter, which significantly boosts their demand. Additionally, the firm experienced a growth of 40% in its EPS as of last year. Furthermore, the long run looks extremely promising as the Electronic Manufacturing Machinery company has a long-term growth rate of 20%.

Signal: 21.49

Predictability: 0.46

Return:  –4.32%

ARM Holdings plc (ARMH), Is UK based company which focuses on computer-chip technologies. The company designs the chips found in 95% of all smartphones, and its revenue rose by Revenue rose 22% year-over-year to GBP 228.5 million.

Signal: 21.49

Predictability: 0.46

Return:  -0.69%

The Priceline Group Inc. (PCLN) is an American site which focuses on providing discount deals for travel related goods, such as airlines and hotels.


Signal: 17.34

Predictability: 0.35

Return:  35.36%

Salesforce.com (CRM), is an American company, based in the heart of silicon valley. The majority of its revenue comes from customer relationship management (CRM).  As of 2015, it is one of the most highly valued American cloud computing companies with a market capitalization of $50 billion. The company had a signal strength of 17.34 and a predictability indicator of 0.35. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 35.36%.

The company is expected to release its  second quarter financial results on August 20th. With many predicting the firms revenue to exceed $1.6 billion for the quarter, thus helping to explain the rise in Salesforce’s share prices. Furthermore, the company has been thought to be in takeover talks, however nothing has yet been confirmed.

Signal: 15.66

Predictability: 0.27

Return:  65.87%

The american electronic commerce company giant is the largest internet-based retailer in the US. The company’s is constantly expanding and  is even promising to introduce a drone delivery service, in the upcoming future. The company had a signal strength of 15.66 and a predictability indicator of 0.27. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 65.87%.

The company recently launch of the Amazon LaunchPad service will be pivotal in increasing consumer satisfaction by providing an opportunity for startups to gain an international audience by selling their products on Amazon’s site. The investment banking firm, Stifel Nicolaus, has spoken highly of amazon in recent months saying Amazon has become “”bigger, stronger, faster company”. The company has also demonstrated better than-expected revenue acceleration, which may be the reasoning for the company’s strong results.

Signal: 14.68

Predictability: 0.34

Return:  1.15%

The American multinational is based in California and boasts many services such as Yahoo! recommendation engine, email services and Web portals.   The company had a signal strength of 14.68 and a predictability indicator of 0.34. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 1.15%.

Recently Liza Utzschneider, formerly the senior vice president for sales in the Americas, has now been promoted to chief revenue officer in turn to help maintain Yahoo! recent growth, an announcement which pleased their current shareholders. Additionally, the firm boasted gross search revenue of $920 million for the second quarter of 2015, as well as an increase of 13% for Paid Clicks compared to the same quarter a year prior. Consequently, there was a recent surge in the stock price.


Signal: 14.49

Predictability: -0.17

Return:  15.81%


F5 Networks, Inc (FFIV) is an American based company which provide virtualization, cloud computing, and on-demand IT. The company focuses on  Application Delivery Networking (ADN) and is the market leader in the field. The company had a signal strength of 14.49 and a predictability indicator of -0.17. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 15.81%.

A  boisterous sounding Manny Rivelo, President and CEO of F5 Networks President was quoted saying “F5 has grown far beyond its hardware roots into a company delivering hybrid application services on-premises, in the cloud, and as a service,” The statement came after F5 announced the arrival of John DiLullo to their new head of world wide sales. DiLullo will be responsible for overseeing the company’s sales and channel strategy and will be a massive boost to the company. Such news helped fuel the rise in F5’s stock.



ADP logo

Signal: 13.65

Predictability: 0.45

Return:  18.27%

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is a leading provider of payroll outsourcing service. As well as outsourcing services  the company also provides outsourcing services for human resources, tax filing, and benefits administration. The company had a signal strength of 13.65 and a predictability indicator of 0.45. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased by 18.27%.

The American company, which boasts a clientele of 570, 000 world wide, announced Thursday (13th of August) that it has been named a leader in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Payroll BPO Services” for the fourth consecutive year.”ADP has been a leader in the payroll outsourcing market more than 65 years,” said Carlos Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of ADP.  And such news help to demonstrate ADP recent growing stock prices.