I Know First Successfully Presents at Singapore FinTech Festival

Singapore, November 19, 2108 hosts the third edition of the Singapore FinTech Festival wrapped up its week-long event last Friday, which drew close to 45,000 participants from almost 130 countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Zambia. The Festival continues to be the biggest FinTech event in the world and provides a global platform for the FinTech community to connect, collaborate and co-create.

I Know First co-founder Yaron Golgher presented at this event and gave a talk about how I Know First uses AI to provide predictive solutions for the Asian stock exchanges. The talk was well received and I Know First presented at a booth in the festival. This raised significant interest from a range of different attendees.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance Summit, a new element of the FinTech Conference, was well-attended and saw I Know First present alongside the insightful sharing of views by influential technology speakers such as Cassie Kozyrkov from Google Inc., Jaan Tallinn from Metaplanet Holdings, Peter Schwartz from Salesforce, Chieko Asakawa from IBM, and Joanna Bryson from University of Bath. At the Festival, MAS also released a set of principles to promote Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency (FEAT) in the use of AI and data analytics in finance.The festival was also attended by the important state representatives such as the Indian and Canadian Prime Ministers.

The Indian Prime Minister gave an address at the event too:


In addition to the Singapore FinTech Festival, I Know First attended a ceremony in the Israeli Embassy house in Singapore with the Israeli Ambassador. See picture below:

Ceremony at the Israeli Embassy

 The Singapore FinTech Festival will return next year from 11 to 15 November 2019 along with Prudential, who has committed to be a Grand Sponsor of the Festival till 2022. Many other sponsors and exhibitors have also expressed strong interest to return in the 2019 Festival.

Below are further pictures from the event:

CEO Yaron explains the predictive algorithm at the booth