I Know First Presents At AI In Finance Summit

I Know First Presents At AI In Finance Summit

This past weekend in New York City, I Know First co-founder’s Yaron Golgher and Dr. Lipa Roitman presented at the AI In Finance Summit hosted by RE:WORK. Their presentation was entitled “Investment Selection By Combining Chaos Theory With AI” and explained how modeling the market as a complex chaotic system allows algorithms like I Know First’s to accurately predict the stock market.

I Know First Presents and other highlights from the summit

The I Know First presentation was well received by attendees. One of the pivotal moments of the talk was when they explained to the audience that “The historical correlation between past algorithm predictions and accrual market movement for each asset is the key to identify and focus on the most predictable markets and securities, enhancing the overall performance.” This assuaged many audience members’ doubts that the stock market can be predicted and explained to many how the I Know First unique machine learning algorithm hones in on the most predictable assets.


In preparation for this year’s AI in Finance Summit, RE:WORK interviewed I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher to learn more about the company and whether the market is truly predictable. In the presentation this past weekend, Mr. Golgher further explained how the market can be predicted by using chaotic systems.

The AI In Finance Summit is being sponsored by RE:WORK, a company that focuses on organizing events that connect various industry leaders and members to discuss the future impacts of technology. The company sponsors summits, conferences, networking events, and presentations throughout the year. The event was attended by a diverse group of fintech leaders including CEOs, founders (like Mr. Golgher and Dr. Roitman), data scientists, professors, PhD students, ethics officers, and much more!

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More pictures from the week can be seen below.