I Know First Predicted Plug Power Will Recover: 18% Return in 6 Days!

On the 21st of January we published out article “Top 10 Reasons Why Plug Power Is An Attractive Stock Right Now – Fundamental And Algorithmic Analysis” on Seeking Alpha. It covered major points, which were all pointing to the undisputable fact that the stock was undervalued. For one the the company is on the right track to success with revenues and gross profits increasing at a steady rate since 2013. Secondly the algorithmic analysis was very bullish about Plug in the short, medium, and long term. Although the investment was open for industry wide risks, and external factors such as the declining oil prices (which hurt renewable energy sectors), we predicted a sharp increase in price in all time horizons.

The 50 day moving average is still down, but our entry rule (price is above the 5 day SMA) held true, and thus we recommended the stock as a strong buy. The result ? See for yourself.


In the stock’s biggest recovery since November PLUG went up 14.5% since the recommended buy and article on SeekingAlpha. I Know First subscribers got the forecast 2 days earlier on the January 19th, and were able to make 18% in 6 days. Plug Power is part of our aggressive stock forecast which can be found on our price-list.

Here is our original forecast from January 19th which we published on Seeking Alpha: