I Know First News: I Know First Algorithm Was Featured On Yahoo Finance!

I Know First News: Thanks to its nomination at this year’s Benzinga Fintech Awards, Yahoo Finance has released an article on I Know First algorithm and Yaron Golgher’s interview , co-founder and CEO at I Know First, with Benzinga.


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In the article, Golgher explained that I Know First utilizes algorithmic predictions. “I Know First is a financial firm that provides daily forecast based on an advanced self learning predictive algorithm.”

He continued “We developed that predictive algorithm based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms — and the algorithm generates daily predictions for more than 2,000 markets for the short and the long term – stocks, commodities, interest rates, currencies and world indices.”

Gone are the days when algorithmic trading was the domain of high-frequency trading firms and Wall Street’s big banks. I Know First is a company that is trying to bring the algorithmic trading experience to retail traders and investors. In his interview Golgher explained that I Know First is accessible to all types of people, not just professional investors. “We are working with a loyal and growing client-base, larger institutions, hedge-funds, family offices and financial advisors and also of course professional investors from around the world.”

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