I Know First Brings Finance Into The Future According To Thrive Global

I Know First Brings Finance Into The Future According To Thrive Global

Despite the major advancements in technology in the past few years, it has taken a long time for Artificial Intelligence to become prevalent in finance.

In an article for Thrive Global,  one of the leading technology and media companies and magazines, Avishai Shoushan details how self learning algorithms can be used to find opportunities in the stock market that are imperceptible to the human eye using advanced machine learning methods. Thrive Global has over 1.8 million readers that will be exposed to the power of AI and I Know First through this article.


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Not only can an algorithm like I Know First’s self learning algorithm identify hidden market opportunities, it can  make these conclusions in milliseconds, much quicker than it would take an analyst to asses the same information. This is just one of the ways I Know First brings finance into the future.

The stock market is a complex chaotic system. While markets exhibit many of the properties of chaotic systems, there are also other factors to consider. Market behavior displays aspects of both systemic and random components, which is what allows us to make realistic stock market forecasts with a decent degree of precision.

In regards to the stock market, the chaos that we see is a consequence of the psychology of trading, something that we know is often times irrational.

I Know First has successfully created an AI algorithm to model the stock market and to make predictions on trends in the stock market over 6 different time horizons.

The article does not only talk about how finance is finally taking advantage of new technologies like artificial intelligence. Shoushan continues to talk about the newest advancements in marketing and healthcare.

I Know First is also jumping in to the healthcare realm. We recently partnered with KST Medical Group in order to adapt their algorithm to predicting cardiovascular disease in patients given their medical history, which will allow those susceptible to take more precautions. Eventually the algorithm will be able to predict the likelihood of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks.

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