I Know First Algorithmic Review: April 27th, 2015

I Know First Algorithmic Review

The stocks selected here are the top performing stocks from I Know First: Daily Market Forecast’s April 27th, 2015 stock forecast titled Top Stocks Based On Big Data:Up To 54.53% Return In 3 Months. This forecast is part of the “Risk-Conscious” package, as one of I Know First’s quantitative investment solutions. The “I Know First Average” return was 25.01% over 3 months versus the S&P 500’s return of 2.41% over the same time period.

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tsla logo

Signal : 320.52

Predictability : 0.43

Return: 8.42%

Tesla Motors, Inc designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle powertrain components. Tesla owns its sales and service network. The Company is engaged in commercially producing a federally-compliant electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster.The company had a signal strength of 320.52 and a predictability indicator of 0.43. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 8.42%. Good news for Tesla Motors Inc is coming from Wuhan, a small Chinese city, where a local taxi company is planning to buy 100 Tesla Model S85 to be used for taxis. This might assist the automaker to uplift sales in China, which has been a great concern for the past few months. According to Tech In Asia, Wuhan Tricycle Automobile Co., Ltd. has already bought 10 Tesla vehicles and will later start purchasing the other 90 vehicles later. This is in attempt to put 1,100 electric cabs on roads to boost zero-emission vehicles in the country, which is already struggling to curb rising smog problems.

sina logo

Signal : 246.69

Predictability : -0.21

Return: 1.11%

Sina Corporation, is a China-based online media company. The Company provides online media to China and Chinese communities across the world. The Company’s digital media network of SINA.com, SINA.cn and Weibo.com, enable Internet users to access professional media and user generated content in multi-media formats from the web and mobile devices. The company had a signal strength of 246.69 and a predictability indicator of -0.21. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 1.11%.The company reported $0.24 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the analysts’ consensus estimate of $0.18 by $0.06. The company had revenue of $208.50 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $207.61 million. During the same quarter last year, the company posted $0.47 earnings per share. SINA Corp’s revenue was up 5.8% compared to the same quarter last year.


bbry logoSignal : 209.34

Predictability : -0.11

Return: -2.28%

BlackBerry Limited is a provider of wireless solution, comprised of smartphones, service and software. The Company provides hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless network standards, it provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to information, including email, voice, instant messaging, short message service, internet and intranet-based applications and browsing.


fslr logoSignal : 149.76

Predictability : 0.51

Return: 54.53%

First Solar, Inc manufactures and sells photovoltaic  solar modules with a thin-film semiconductor technology, and it designs, constructs, and sells PV solar power systems. It is a thin-film PV solar module manufacturer and a PV solar module manufacturer.The company had a signal strength of 149.76 and a predictability indicator of 0.51. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 54.53%.

First Solar, Inc  stock is up on its yield co with SunPower Corporation. The company announced the joint yield co last month. Both companies will choose solar assets from their portfolios and integrate them as part of the deal.The deal will have an IPO once both companies have approved it. Proceeds may later be used to fund new projects for First Solar.The company last reported its quarterly results on Feb. 24, beating analyst estimates.


ati logoSignal : 95.07

Predictability : 0.51

Return:  21.96%

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated is a diversified specialty metals producer. The Company’s products include titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and superalloys, zirconium, hafnium and niobium, advanced powder alloys, stainless and specialty steel alloys, grain-oriented electrical steel, tungsten-based materials and cutting tools, carbon alloy impression die forgings, and grey and ductile iron castings.

The company had a signal strength of 95.07 and a predictability indicator of 0.51. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned 21.96% in the 3-month time horizon. Allegheny Technologies last posted its quarterly earnings results on Tuesday, January 20th. The company reported $0.18 EPS for the quarter, beating the Thomson Reuters consensus estimate of ($0.01) by $0.19. The company had revenue of $1.05 billion for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $1.09 billion. During the same quarter in the prior year, the company posted ($0.08) earnings per share.


tsl logoSignal : 79.71

Predictability : 0.41

Return: 53.04%

Trina Solar Limited is an integrated solar-power products manufacturer based in China with a global distribution network covering Europe, North America and Asia. The Company produces standard monocrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules ranging from 165 Watts to 185 Watts in power output and multicrystalline PV modules ranging from 215 Watts to 240 Watts in power output. The company had a signal strength of 79.71 and a predictability of 0.41. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 53.04%.

Trina Solar Limited (TSL) (“Trina Solar” or the “Company”), a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) modules, solutions and services, today announced that its State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China has set a new world record for high efficiency p-type multi-crystalline silicon PV modules.Trina Solar’s Honey Plus multi-crystalline silicon module reached a new module efficiency record of 19.14% with an aperture area of 1.515 m2, as independently confirmed by the National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Product Quality (CPVT) in Wuxi, China.

aixg logoSignal : 78.29

Predictability : 0.35

Return: -20.73%

Aixtron SE is a provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor and compound-semiconductor industry. The Company’s technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers worldwide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials.


ctxs logoSignal : 67.72

Predictability : 0.4

Return: 12.14%

Citrix Systems, Inc is a cloud computing company which designs, develops and markets technology solutions that enable information technology  services. The Enterprise division and the Online Services division constitute its two segments

Citrix Systems, Inc had a signal strength of 67.72 and a predictability indicator of 0.4. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 12.14%. The company has a good increase in net income, good cash flow from operations and growth in earnings per share.


crnt logoSignal : 58.61

Predictability : 0.16

Return: 45.83%

Ceragon Networks Ltd  is a provider of wireless backhaul solutions, which enables cellular operators and other wireless service providers to deliver voice and data services, enabling smart-phone applications, such as Internet browsing, music and video applications.The company had a signal strength of 58.61 and a predictability indicator of 0.16. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 45.83%.

Ceragon Networks Ltd announced further progress on several initiatives aimed at returning to profitability and increasing shareholder value. Ceragon is taking immediate action which is expected to reduce operating expenses by approximately 17% in 2015 compared to 2014. In addition, the company has begun implementing initiatives aimed at gradually improving gross margin, cash flow and working capital during 2015. Through the combination of these efforts, Ceragon intends to reach profitability in the second quarter of 2015.


jks logo


Signal : 57.99

Predictability : 0.24

Return: 76.11%

JinkoSolar Holding Co, Ltd.  is a solar power product manufacturer. The Company has built a vertically integrated solar power product value chain from recovered silicon materials to solar modules. The Company sells most of its solar modules under our its brand JinkoSolar and a small portion of solar modules on an original equipment (OEM) basis.The company had a signal strength of 57.99 and a predictability indicator of 0.24. In accordance with the algorithm prediction, the stock returned 76.11% in 3 Months. JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (JKS) announced that it has supplied approximately 3 MW of PV modules to Embotelladora de Sula S.A. (“EMSULA”) for Honduras’ largest rooftop solar system, which is also the largest solar PV rooftop project in Central America.

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