GILD Stock News: Continue Buying At Current Prices

GILD Stock News


  • Gilead Sciences’ stock price has increased over 50% in the last year, in most part because of the rapid growth of its HCV drugs.gild stock news
  • Sales of these drugs will not fall off, with plenty of additional growth still to be had.
  • Along with the success in the HIV market and potential in the oncology field, the company’s pipeline is currently robust.
  • With a cheap valuation and a large cash pile with which to return value to shareholders, this stock is still attractive to long-term investors.
  • I Know First algorithm is bullish on Gilead Sciences over the next year, believing the stock price will climb to new highs.

Even with the huge increase of the stock price over the last year, investors should still continue to add Gilead Sciences to their investment portfolio at current prices. HCV sales are going to continue growing, and the company’s pipeline is currently very healthy. With the rapid revenue and earnings growth, the company has plenty of cash to invest in acquisitions and new drug compounds. Most importantly, the company’s valuation is extremely cheap even with conservative projections, and investors should continue to add this stock to their current positions.

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