Stock Screener Based on a Self-learning Algorithm: Returns up to 48.44% in 1 Month

Stock Screener

Stock Screener. This Bovespa Stock forecast was generated by the I Know First Algorithm through its analysis of market data and is part of the By Country Package. The full forecast includes daily predictions for a total of 20 stocks with bullish and bearish signals:

  • Top 10 Bovespa stocks for the long position
  • Top 10 Bovespa stocks for the short position

Package Name: Bovespa
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Month (08/11/2017 – 09/11/2017)
I Know First Average: 22.77%
Stock Screener

Several predictions in this long-term 1 Month forecast saw significant returns. The algorithm had correctly predicted 10 out 10 stock movements. ESTC3.SA was the top performing prediction with a return of 48.44%. USIM5.SA and MEAL3.SA saw outstanding returns of 44.82% and 33.90%. With these notable trade returns, the package itself registered an average return of 22.77% compared to the S&P 500’s return of 2.05% for the same period.

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Algorithmic traders utilize these daily forecasts by the I Know First market prediction system as a tool to enhance portfolio performance, verify their own analysis and act on market opportunities faster. This forecast was sent to current I Know First subscribers.

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