Stock Scanner Based on Self-Learning Algorithm: Returns up to 111.73% In 1 Year

Stock Scanner

This forecast for the best shares is part of the Risk-Conscious Package, as one of I Know First’s equity research solutions. We determine our aggressive stock picks by through a stock scanner that screens our algorithm daily for higher volatility stocks that present greater opportunities but are also riskier. The full Risk-Conscious Package includes a daily forecast for a total of 40 stocks with four main categories:

  • Top 10 Aggressive stocks for long position
  • Top 10 Aggressive stocks for short position
  • Top 10 Conservative stocks for long position
  • Top 10 Conservative stocks for short position

Package Name: Risk-Conscious
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Year (10/23/2015 – 10/23/2016)
I Know First Average: 27.43%

During the 1 Year forecasted period several Risk-Conscious Stocks saw significant returns. The algorithm had correctly predicted 8 out 10 stocks. The stock prediction with the highest return was ARCW, at 111.73%. Further notable returns came from ATV and PES at 109.76% and 47.06%, respectively. The Risk-Conscious package had an overall average return of 27.43, providing investors with a premium of 23.11% over the S&P 500’s return of 4.32%.

ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW) was founded in 1987 and has a history as a technology innovator in the manufacturing business. ARC is leading global advanced manufacturing and 3D printing.

Algorithmic traders utilize these daily forecasts by the I Know First market prediction system as a tool to enhance portfolio performance, verify their own analysis and act on market opportunities faster. This forecast was sent to current I Know First subscribers.

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